Activision/Treyarch Hints In Beta Questionaire That A Black Ops 4 Campaign May Still Happen

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an article that examines if Black Ops 4 may yet have a campaign based on a question from the Blackout Beta feedback.

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Garethvk30d ago

I agree 100% The game as it is plays to me like Black Ops 3 DLC. I am not big on Battle Royale but that was a good addition for those who like it. I know the Zombie mode is enhanced but too me a campaign is a key part of the game.

kikicub30d ago

I only buy COD from Treyarch, but this one I'll skip because I only play the campaign. Too bad si ce it is (was) the only good campaign in COD.

Garethvk30d ago

I rhink the best option is for fans to keep saying on social media and such that they want a campaign added.

kikicub30d ago

Indeed. For me, I get COD for campaign and BF for the rest...

Garethvk30d ago

Exactly. For me the campaign allows me to test weapons and tech as well as enjoy the story and have some context to the maps I play online.

Newmanator30d ago

Yes for a small fee of course *says in voice of Moneybags from Spyro*

Garethvk30d ago

I figured that would be a given as part of the DLC.

Garethvk30d ago

So true but I only see that happening if sales drop below expectations. I do not want the new model to be online only at launch but pay extra for your campaign.

Garrett_the_GOD30d ago

I was highly disappointed when I found out Black Ops 4 wasnt gonna have a campaign..I refuse to buy a COD or Battlefield game for $60+ with no campaign..I understand its the multiplayer that the majority buy these games for but a lot of us still enjoy playing through the singleplayer campaign.I always played through the campaign before starting the multiplayer...I also dont think they shouldve named this game Black Ops 4 if its not gonna have a campaign

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