Red Dead Redemption 2 Hands-On: We Played It On PS4, Here's Everything We Saw | GameSpot

The curtain is pulling back on Rockstar Games' upcoming open-world Western, and we got to see two story missions. Here are the details.

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DarkVoyager32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The most interesting thing I’ve read about this game so far. Lol

“After seeing the game’s first trailer, we and others had wondered if the horse’s testicles were animated. I asked, and they told me that the testicles shrink and expand depending on the temperature in the game world. Details, details.”

Source: Kotaku

nucky6432d ago

testicles, aside, the the thing that has (so far) caught me by surprise, is gameinformer says shotguns will blow off body parts - i wasn't expecting that - but, oh am i looking forward to it.

Neonridr32d ago

it's all about the small details in life.. :P

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Artemidorus32d ago

It's Rockstar so kick back and click that pre order or go get it on the day.

You know this is a 8/10 and up.

Neonridr32d ago

I have to figure no less than 9/10

DarkVoyager32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I’m guessing a 94+ metacritic.

steven83r32d ago

That's good they are saying positive things. After Gamestop BS from non gamer assholes, people have been iffy on this game. Why people believe GS crap is beyond me. Both games before this one were great and a lot of fun. This one has to be even better.

Prettygoodgamer31d ago

I imagine this game will be great and all but just because the last 2 were doesn't meant the new one will be better, I mean gta san Andreas came out then they made gta 4 which besides graphics was a huge downgrade in my opinion, so who knows for sure.

jc1231d ago

Wow...8 years in development...thats simply insane.