Shadow of the Tomb Raider Dev: We Have Great Respect for Uncharted, We Love Playing Those Games

Tomb Raider Brand Director Rich Briggs took the opportunity of Shadow of the Tomb Raider launching to once again reiterate the team's love and appreciation for the Uncharted games.

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-Foxtrot28d ago really, REALLY shows


SuperSonic9127d ago

yet TLOU Part 2 gameplay showing is fake to them.
Why did they delay Tomb Raider for almost a year when TLOU was emerged?
So they can "polish" their game.LOL

starchild27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Yeah, and you can really tell that Naughty Dog played a lot of Tomb Raider before creating Uncharted. There's nothing wrong with games borrowing good ideas from each other. That's how the medium progresses.

SuperSonic9127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Uncharted DF was a humanized Jak and Daxter sequel according to Amy Hennig of ND.

Dark_Knightmare227d ago

I get so tired of hearing that. I mean besides drake raiding tombs the games played nothing alike and focused on totally different things. If we’re being honest uncharted owes more to Indiana Jones than tomb raider

twiggytree1227d ago

No, they watched a lot of Indiana Jones...

BLizardXD27d ago

they both borrowed gun-play mechanics from gears and RE4. while neither original they both climax with more graphics and whatnot. with each new game they push for more content and narrative.

Imalwaysright27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@ twiggytree12

So did Core Designs. In fact they originally had plans for a male character but decided to go for a female character so that it wouldn't draw many comparisons with Indiana Jones. The difference is that Core Designs did it 1st, did it when 3D graphics were starting to take over the industry and were pioneers in the action adventure genre and by being pioneers they established a template that is very patent in many action adventure games that came after it.

When you pick up the controller and play Uncharted for 2 hours and in those 2 hours you solve a puzzle, climb a mountain side, spot a hidden treasure and then shoot some guys you have to remember that gamers were doing the same exact things in TR years before Uncharted ever existed. Sure ND added their cinematic flair to Uncharted and made it more action focused (things that we also see in the TR reboot) but TR influence is undeniable in Uncharted and the same can be said about the Uncharted influence in the 2013 reboot and its sequels.

UltraNova27d ago


Excellent comment. The same is happening now with Dark Souls inspired games. Nothing bad, its just the natural progression of the games industry.

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Jackhass28d ago

Not exactly surprising. Although, you could argue there's been a bit of cross-pollination.

AspiringProGenji28d ago

They think the Internet forgets... better be ready to eat crow when TLoU2 releases

elmachooo27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

there's always another TR game in the works, 25 years and counting now...
the next TR game will use real actors, ray-trace technology and twice the amount of enemies on screen.

KaiPow28d ago

No doubt that TR created a new genre, but Lara certainly has had more character development than Mr. Drake.

AspiringProGenji28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Drake was already a professional thief from the beginning and actually had character development by U4

Hardiman28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I have to respectfully disagree! When the creadits finally rolled on A Thief's End I had tears in my eyes and s big grin on my face in reflection the journey all those characters had been on!

On the flip side while I have throughly enjoyed the TR reboot trilogy it all has kinda bled together. Nothing really stands out aside from the first game and her finding her inner strength to see it through.

ps3vita4life28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Lol good joke! Lara has to be the most bland, robotic character in existence (rebooted series). Her motivations are weak as hell and she goes on adventures for no real reason at all (it doesn't seem like she even enjoys the adventures lol).

Drake is someone who's loved treasure hunting and adventures from a young age but realizes that his love for treasure hunting puts a strain on the relationships with those he's closest to. From U1 to U4, you see Drake grow and change as a result of this. Oh, and he also has a personality which helps things. Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoyed the rebooted TR series but I don't see how you could say Lara has had better character development than Drake. Though now I realize, you are probably just trolling!

rainslacker27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


Lara's only character development in the whole first two games lasted maybe 20 seconds. She went from a somewhat naieve newbie explorer, to a killing machine, due to a traumatic experience which really wasn't built up enough to be convincing to her becoming said killing machine. She had absolutely no character development in the 2nd game, as it was just a portrayal of her daddy issues, which she just suddenly was OK with once she vindicated her dad's theories and research.

Drake actually grew as a character from the 1st to 2nd game, and was a different person by the third. The third had more character development than most games nowadays, but the story itself wasn't as good, and UC4 was almost all character development as he wrestled with what he had always known, to becoming the man that he wanted to be.

The original TR games had more character development for Lara, and they weren't even really trying for that until the last couple of games before the reboot....where they didn't do such a good job at it, but at least it was there.

Samonuske27d ago

Good characters and character development is one of the weakest thing about the Tomb Raider reboot, now if you say deeper gameplay I would have believed you, but it’s still not as polished as Uncharted.

LiamKreptic27d ago

Dude...stop smoking whatever it is

Dark_Knightmare227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

You can’t be serious she’s been becoming the tomb raider for three games now with nary any development to speak of lol. I love the games but the stories and character development are beyond mediocre

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FallenAngel198428d ago

Dude Raider has come a long way 😅

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