5 Old PC Games That Still Compete With Current Gen Graphics

Twinfinite writes "Despite their age, several old PC games can still give your graphics card a run for its money, and more importantly, stand shoulder to shoulder with many current gen console titles."

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FTLmaster624d ago

The Crysis series looks great even to this day.

annoyedgamer623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

Alot of people fail to realize that graphics these days look good because the world interactivity has been turned off for consoles. Crysis 1 still has a more interactive world than most games out today, same for Far Cry 2.

I could write an essay on how this goes but I will let this video speak for me.

Vegamyster623d ago

It's amazing how good Crysis 1 still looks, it just turned 10 years old but still looks like it came out fairly recently.

OpenGL623d ago

Crysis was an extremely demanding game for the time. I remember my overclocked 8800GTX was relegated to 30fps.

annoyedgamer623d ago

I tried to play it on a laptop with an 8400gs M chip. RIP.

623d ago
porkChop623d ago

Every game on this list fits except BioShock. The game looked great for its time, but it absolutely cannot "compete" with current gen graphics. The aesthetic/art style holds up for sure, but not the graphics themselves.

Kornholic623d ago

To save you the clicks:

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings
Crysis 3
Metro Last Light
Tomb Raider

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