PlayStation Now: Full List of More Than 200 Downloadable PS2 And PS4 Games

PlayStation Now will now support full game downloads in addition to streaming.

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Travis370826d ago

Once more PS2 games get added I’m all in. I’ve been waiting to play those games and the ones that come To PS now have trophies added.

robtion26d ago

PSNow still isn't available in Australia. Hasn't it been out for years now elsewhere?

AspiringProGenji26d ago

This is how it should have been from the beginning. A nice addition to the service

darthv7226d ago

Ultimately it looks like both services are aiming for the same end result of offering streaming as well as full game downloads. Sony went with streaming first with download as an option later and Ms went with downloads first with a streaming option coming at some point.

Unreal0126d ago

Wow. Full downloads? My internet was the only thing stopping me from getting this. Great news.

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The story is too old to be commented.