15 games we’d like to see on the PlayStation Classic

Now that Sony has announced the PlayStation Classic, it’s time to speculate! What games do you want to see make the cut?

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Hardiman125d ago

Great list and boy does it take me back! Mine would be in no particular order
1. Bushido Blade
2. Legend of Dragoon
3. Skull Monkeys
4. PaRappa the Rapper
5. Soul Reaver
6. Abe's Odyssey
7. Nightmare Creatures
8. Metal Gear Solid
9. Tekken 3
10.Final Fantasy VII
12.Sympony of the Night
13.Vagrant Story
14. Parasite Eve
15.Syphon Filter

killbillvolume12125d ago

Excellent someone finally added Syphon Filter. I loved that game.

darthv72125d ago

Needs some shmup representation. Einhander, philosoma, g-darius, raystorm, omega boost... something along those lines.

AK91125d ago

Ape Escape that game was my childhood.