Dead or Alive 6 Gameplay Shows Honoka, Ayane, Marie Rose in Action; Ayane's Deluxe Costume Revealed

There is a lot of bouncing going on in the latest demo of Dead or Alive 6 on PS4, while a bonus costume for Ayane was also revealed.

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covcha26d ago

I need Tina and Rachel back and I’ll buy it

DivineAssault 26d ago

So they added easy combos and more over the top stage hazards. The graphics engine looks exactly the same to me. I feel like this is a lazy job. Ill try the demo before passing judgement tho. The boob physics are toned down but everyone still looks like a sex doll.

ChrisW26d ago

I'll bet anyone here a gazillion Monopoly dollars that the remaining characters will be unlockable via several overpriced DLCs...

bunt-custardly26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Boob jiggle YESSSS! Now all we need are some more revealing outfits.