PlayStation Now Adds Downloading of PS4, PS2 Games

We are excited to announce that starting today, you will be able to stream as well as download PlayStation Now games to your PS4 system so that you can play both locally and offline, all with a single subscription.

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DarkVoyager125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Awesome! I remember the rumors a while back about this. Glad they turned out true.

It’s too bad you can’t down load PS3 games but I understand why that’s not possible.

Dragonscale125d ago

So true. That damn cell architecture lol.

Eonjay125d ago

This is gonna be an essential service for PS5. Being able to steam and download the PS4 library is amazing. And its another confirmation that BC will be in PS5. PS5 will play PS4 games separately, or let you steam and download them with Now.

notachance125d ago

@eonjay I still think the next PS and XB will go the smartphone route with mid-gen refresh and minimum requirement instead of separating games by generation, so future games will be something like min. PS4Pro /XB1X required to play, recommended console PS5/XB2.

S2Killinit125d ago

Damn, now PSNow is a better service than what MS has.

tetsuhana125d ago

Not a chance.

ImGumbyDammit125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Still twice as expensive. Still limited to PS4/PS2 games. No local PS3 games. Which means most of the catalog is still stuck streaming at 720p with all the additional issues PSNow has. Still no love by Sony for their own first-party PS4 games on the service (Bloodborne and God of War 3 Remaster are really it for first-party games).

Don't get me wrong downloading is a great new option that may breathe some life into the service. However. Sony really needs to start to put their own first-party studio games like Uncharted 4 or TLOU or HZD (more recent games; a year or two old) Of course, I don't expect them to take the 0-day route like Microsoft Game Pass but, they really need to load more of their own first party games into the service now that they can be downloaded. And now add games that PSNow could not handle (e.g. games with lots of screen action) with just the option to download would be a nice ability and round out the catalog.

darthv72125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

PS3 games will be playable on the PS5, I got a feeling that is going to happen. Making the PS5 capable to play (hopefully) 5 generations of games much like xbo is able to play 3.

Right now PS4 is only able to play 2 but that could change if Sony adds in PS1 support.

S2Killinit125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

But they are the same price. Also PSNow comes with both download AND streaming, with a much larger catalog. Also im sure more games will be added. As to first day releases i prefer a system that allows for compelling 1st party games. If Sony follows MS’s first day release, there will be no incentive for developing amazing 1st party games because the developer would lose money. In that regard, i say to hell with first day release, i want games.

rainslacker125d ago


I think that may be hoping for a lot. CELL is still kind of a chore to emulate, although the graphics stuff is more than possible on the current GPU's. Biggest issue is going to come from the games that used the CELL SPE's the way Sony intended, and do what is essentially a reverse GPU compute paradigm thing.

PS4 BC I think is a given since Cerny indicated before release it was one reason to go with x86. PS1 and PS2 should be more than possible without hardware, so emulation like MS has, although questionable if PS5 will support the CD physical media...and its even possible DVD media may not be supported. PS3 I think is a big maybe, but I highly doubt Sony is going to commission CELL/RSX chips to put into the system for native compatibility, and I think most people would prefer they spend that money on more beneficial things for the next gen...or maybe like I suggested last gen..make a 2nd SKU that has the required hardware for those that want it. Surely for what amounts to $50 in cost for them, they could charge $100 more.

bouzebbal124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

i honestly don't know what to think of this service anymore. now it is only available on PS4 and PC.
They dropped Bravia TV and Vita.
Really kills the value of this service for many, no matter how great the content is..

One more thing, by being able to play PS2 games on my PS4 offline means that PS4 is PS2 capable.. Sony, just give that BC already!

darthv72124d ago

@bouz, well I believe the PS4 is not PS2 capable but rather the PS2 games are recompiled to be playable on the PS4. Like what MS has done with og xbox games and you get a full reworked game instead of just playing from the inserted media.

Hence why the PS4 does not let you just put the disc in and download the game like MS has done. Sony would rather make some $$ off the idea of giving you an improved game with trophy support.

ImGumbyDammit124d ago

@S2Killinit They are not the same price. There is a temporary price drop to make it the PSNow for the moment same price GP. If we are going to count the current sale price Sony is doing that makes PSNow the same price then one also should point out how easy it is to find deals for GP as well (often 50% the current pricing once again making GP 50% off even the PSNow's temporary price drop). I bought two years of GP for my nephew for $120 (deals like that are easy to find for GP) that quite a bit less then PSNow even taking into account PSNow's current sale price.

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kevnb125d ago

I think they could do it, but it would be even more difficult than getting 360 games running on the one.

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Orionsangel125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

They're emulating PS3 games for Windows. So it's possible. That could be added later.

Christopher125d ago

Those emulations run at horrible rates and are mostly incomplete games with tons of bugs. It's possible, but not this generation and likely not the next.

Aceman18125d ago Show
Orionsangel125d ago

@Christopher Well of course they run horrible they're not officially made by Sony. Xbox 360 emulators run horrible as well. Then MS made the best 360 emulator in the world and it runs on Xbox One.

Christopher125d ago

Yeah, no... Even Sony can't emulate PS3 games on current gen x86 PCs. The issue isn't who is emulating them, the issue is the amount of low level programming involved in the Cell architecture and how intensive it is to emulate it, let alone run a game in parallel.

Unfortunately Examiner deleted their article with Tim about how much direction memory management went into God of War 3 on the cell architecture and how detailed and specific it was at the assembly language level. It's because of that specific memory management and attempting to emulate that on x86 that makes it impossible right now. It's very CPU intensive and the architecture is still used now for supercomputing in the process of advanced video processing and analyzing by the military because it can't be recreated using x86 architecture.

darthv72125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@chris, IBM designed the Cell... you dont think they cant create an appropriate Cell emulator that runs on other hardware?

Besides, for as quickly as Sony was able to convert games like Uncharted series, TLoU and GoW3 from PS3 to PS4 makes me think they can do the same with even older games that werent even utilizing the benefits of the Cell to the fullest.

Loktai125d ago


I work in enterprise IT, the cell processor is used in P series IBM systems (power 7 etc) and the cell cannot be virtualized on other systems . Ibm cannot emulate the cell on other platforms unless you can emulate every core plus the overhead . Why can the Xbox be emulated? it has less than half the cores

CarlDechance125d ago

"IBM designed the Cell... you dont think they cant create an appropriate Cell emulator that runs on other hardware? "

Probably not. Either way, they wouldn't just do it for free. I imagine the price tag would be extremely high for something that probably wouldn't work nearly as well as the original hardware. So why bother?

"Besides, for as quickly as Sony was able to convert games like Uncharted series, TLoU and GoW3 from PS3 to PS4 makes me think they can do the same with even older games that werent even utilizing the benefits of the Cell to the fullest. "

Porting games to newer engines is not the same as emulating processors, dude.

rainslacker125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


It's not so much the emulation of the low level code, rather the speed with which that code could be executed on the CELL itself.

The CELL is just a PowerPC core, with SPE's which use fairly standard Floating point math to execute a particular kind of code that is important to gaming.

The power of the CELL though came with just how fast the SPE's could execute the functions that it was designed to handle, and even in server technology today, CELL is unmatched in terms of single processor setups, and is blazingly fast when used in CPU arrays. The PS3 was a fast processor for certain kinds of data, and the x86 is a more general purpose processor which simply can't execute that kind of code as efficiently.

Some of this SPE work could be done through GPU compute, but that's would mean essentially emulating PowerPC code within a GPU, which is in no way set up to actually execute that kind of code efficiently, so if its not floating point the GPU compute would become more of a hindrance. Of course there are some caveats to this, as GPU compute borrows a lot of tech built from the CELL, but that's another topic altogether, and extremely technical...although interesting.

This would mean a lot of case by case scenarios, since there were many ways the SPE's could be used to increase efficiency and speed, and making an emulator for such a thing is not very easy compared to simply emulating the base code of a processor.


IBM and Sony designed the CELL. I'm sure they can emulate the code, but the x86 hardware is a completely different paradigm when it comes to processing that it can't run fast enough on an x86. There are some functions on the CELL which aren't even possible on the x86 without extensive supplemental functions to translate something not just to x86, but back into CELL for the software use. What could take a few processor cycles to execute and send back to the game, would now take 10X the number of processor cycles because of how data is manipulated by the CPU, then converted between different types of machine code.

In emulator is possible, but Sony and IBM can't defy the laws of physics or computer science.

Just because the current consoles can process more data at one time, doesn't mean that each function related to that data can be executed as fast, and when it comes to game programming which runs on tight timing interrupts, you can't just throw more data at it and expect to get the data returned when the game loop needs it.

"Besides, for as quickly as Sony was able to convert games like Uncharted series"

You're confusing a compiled build written in C code written in game engines designed to write machine code based on pre-set criteria based off provided API's to hardware level system machine code. The two things are completely separate from one another, and an emulated game would have to run the PS3 code, not a completely different compiled build of the game itself. A build which would also include changes to the source code because not all CELL functions are adaptable to the current systems design.

Christopher125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

***IBM designed the Cell... you dont think they cant create an appropriate Cell emulator that runs on other hardware? ***

Not at this time. Possibly not worth ever doing it.

***Besides, for as quickly as Sony was able to convert games like Uncharted series, TLoU and GoW3 from PS3 to PS4 makes me think they can do the same with even older games that werent even utilizing the benefits of the Cell to the fullest.***

None of that was quick and it took months of time to recreate the games for the PS4 entirely, they were not emulations. They were full on ports. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the possibility of emulating from PS3. It's easier to make the game for PS4 than it is to make an emulator just for one of them.

badz149125d ago


you do know that even for PSNow, Sony is still using the actual PS3 housed in bulks at their server centers? that's how complicated the CELL is to be replicated even Sony themselves are forced to use the original PS3 hardware.

"Besides, for as quickly as Sony was able to convert games like Uncharted series, TLoU and GoW3 from PS3 to PS4 makes me think they can do the same with even older games that werent even utilizing the benefits of the Cell to the fullest."

you can do a lot of things if you have the "SOURCE CODE" of the game! that's how they did it. they just changed the instructions into x86 architecture, not suddenly makes the PS4 able to emulate the CELL. Remasters are basically the same as BC on xbone. they don't magically allow newer hardware to natively emulate the old ones, just letting the newer hardware run old games running with modified codes.

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SpaceRanger125d ago

The true Netflix of gaming!
Streaming and Offline play.

This must have been what the PS4 update had set itself up for. It’s a really good move in the right direction.

ziggurcat125d ago

I don't think the 6.00 update had anything to do with this - it would have been a separate thing since it's a separate app.

Kribwalker125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

except that Netflix adds new release content consistently., and PSnow is strictly old games and paid for BC......They obviously have a PS2 emulator installed on the PS4, you’d think they’d allow you to use your old PS2 games then

SpaceRanger125d ago

Netflix releases content they make, but 95% of their library are already released movies. So you’re only adding more to the point.

“’d think they’d allow you to use your old PS2 games then.”

Pretty sure that’s what’s next. Good thinking Krib!

“I have been told, no one buys a new system to play old games.”

No one disagrees that options aren’t good. PSNow has been around for a LONG time.

Not if you’re referrjng to what people would say about the Xbox focusing on BC. That’s because they hardly deliver new content throughout the year that’s their own. PlayStation is delivering new content and now adding even more options. But go ahead, continue with your arbitrary arguments Red.

TheUndertaker85125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

That’s just it. We know they have emulators running on PS4. They admit as much in the description for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas even. The PS4 version is nothing more than the PS2 version with some little alterations.

We also know they have a PSP emulator for PS4 as well.

S2Killinit125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Lol dude its ok MS still has the second best service.

But those exclusives sure do sell a lot of consoles.

Christopher125d ago

They don't have an emulator. It's the same as what Microsoft does where each game is encapsulated in its own VM environment and each one is tailored to run the specific game. This is why releasing new games take time and have a team that works to make them play on Xbox. I also think Microsoft, at least, likely makes them somewhat future proof in their VM methods.

I do absolutely wish there was a way for Sony to detect PS2 discs and allow people to download and play digital copies of those games, though. With this move, let's hope they are moving in that direction.

rainslacker125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

They have a PS2 emulator, but the PS2 games available to download seem to be those that could be purchased separately with the trophy additions. Those use a wrapper to make an executable file to launch on the PS4 system. That's different than the ones that just run natively on the servers for streaming.

I assume that's how it is since that's what it seems to imply in the blog itself.

And I'd say that Sony is adding more recent stuff in there as well. Maybe not release day stuff, but some big PS4 games from this generation to be sure.

Otherwise, yeah, they should be able to allow it, but it'd have to be in the same way that MS does it with getting publisher approval and downloading the game itself, or maybe streaming. But considering how few PS2 games actually are available on PSN, it seems like its hardly worth the effort, which means that they'd either have to put up a huge digital catalog to choose from, or allow people to play directly off the disc. The huge digital catalog probably won't happen at this point. Playing off discs probably isn't relevant anymore considering that people either got rid of theirs, or kept the systems that could still play them.

TheUndertaker85125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


Hackers have also shown they can “massage” Sonys emulator to run titles that the PS3 emulator wasn’t capable of.

Sony has admitted to having said emulators even. 😳

“This title has been converted from the original PlayStation®2 version to the PS4™ system. Consequently, there may be times where the title plays differently from the PlayStation®2 version, or where some features may not function properly. This version does not support PlayStation®2 peripherals, therefore some functionality may not be available.”

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Sm00thNinja125d ago

True netfilx of gaming? I still can't download PS3 titles this is HUGE but you're jumping the gun.

SpaceRanger125d ago

How is that?
All of the following are the theee core features shared between Netflix and PSNow at this point or have:
- Streaming (All games)
- Huge Library if Content (past and current)
- Downloadable Content

kneon125d ago

You can't download everything from Netflix either, so it's even closer to Netflix than you think.

Sm00thNinja125d ago

Can I download movies on Netflix? I'm truly not aware. Like instead of streaming so how does this change anything? Unless you can? The library is vast does this include all titles? I already subscribe to PSNOW so this is huge for me but it lacks the vast library of games I missed from the PS3 Era which you can't deny sucks ATM.

KillBill124d ago

@SpaceRanger - you are missing the KEY core feature of Netflix which is offering up new Netflix specific content. Otherwise people would be using really any Netflix like service available.

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darthv72125d ago

Nice to see them switch from always online to having the option to download and play.

rainslacker125d ago

I think it should have been done a long time ago. It's reasonable to assume that a good number of the people that use it now are actual console owners since Sony removed a lot of the non-PS branded hardware it could run on.

It'd be kind of cool if they allowed downloading PS3 games to the PS3 as well. I still have mine, and with that catalog thrown into the mix, it might actually make it worth the price of admission for me...although it'd likely be after the holiday game rush is over. The PS4 catalog is cool and all, but I already own most of the games they're offering, or that I want to play. The PS2 games are just the re-releases with the trophy support, and I don't think that's worth $100/year at this junction, particually since I own about 4 I haven't even gotten aroud to playing yet.

DarXyde125d ago

I'll be impressed when I can just pop in my copy of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams without attaching my credit card to PSN.

Obscure_Observer125d ago


"I'll be impressed when I can just pop in my copy of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams without attaching my credit card to PSN."

One day at a time. ;)

SierraGuy125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I've tried both mainstream services and for actual streaming of games not requiring a download...PSNow was leaps and bounds ahead of game pass.

Literally everything on game pass had to be downloaded.

darthv72125d ago

Yeah, that's how GP was designed. MS is working on a streaming component to arrive later just like how Sony went with streaming first and has now added a DL component.

gangsta_red125d ago

"Literally everything on game pass had to be downloaded."

Yeah...that's really "literally" how it works.

SpaceRanger125d ago

“Yeah...that's really "literally" how it works.”

Yeah that’s “literally” why no one sees it as anything close to a Netflix model.

gangsta_red125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


That "literally" wasn't his point. Lol

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AngelicIceDiamond125d ago ShowReplies(1)
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Doge125d ago

I'll need to look into how I can sign up for it because this is big for Sony.

Only wish I could just use my credit card or PayPal :/

Doge125d ago

Different account region from where I live.


If using a PSN card works then I'll give it a shot. It usually told me I'd have to use a Credit Card or PayPal account to subscribe to PSNow. Even for the trial.

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