Devil May Cry 5 Official PC System Requirements

Capcom has revealed the official PC system requirements for Devil May Cry 5 via its Steam store page.

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chris23527d ago

is this the new tony hawks franchise? i got the feeling that since dmc3 the games got worse and worse.

Movefasta199327d ago

dmc3 is perfection to be fair. I doubt there will ever be a better hack and slash game.

kevnb27d ago

There was only 2 games after 3, 4 was quite good and dmc was outsourced.

Critic4l_Strik327d ago

the only difference is the 760 and 960 ?? ok

kevnb27d ago

Requirements are pretty useless these days since cpus haven’t increased much in power and there hasn’t been many new video cards in the last two years.