Red Dead Redemption 2 Shows Action, Characters, and Gorgeous Scenery in 25 New 4K Screens

Every new Red Dead Redemption 2 screen is a work of art, and Rockstar Games have released 25 new 4K masterpieces to feast your eyes on!

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Alexious27d ago

A masterpiece in the making!

fiveby926d ago

I have high hopes for this game.

duvucu26d ago

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KaiPow27d ago

They're certainly nailing the setting and Western vibe

Jackhass27d ago

Incredible detail -- the horses almost look a little *too* realistic!

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Ceaser985736126d ago

Waiting for Gameplay trailer number 2.... Come on now R*..

Bobafret26d ago

Beautiful, yet I will wander aimlessly killing things until I get bored and never pick it up again. I need to admit to myself that open world games are just not my thing.