PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Shows Plenty of Brutal Fighting and Stealth in New Gameplay

Sony showcased some brand new gameplay of Days Gone, showing off how Deacon can take care of the freakers in several different ways.

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masterfox124d ago

The game looks great no doubt, but the issue I see here imo is that they are displaying the same setting over and over again when presenting the game to the public and that's definitely not a good sign for advertising, I mean they went all the way to Japan so come on show something new, I hope I'm wrong but currently I see 50 / 50 chance this game can be a success or fail.

shuvam09124d ago

This seems like a feeling it out title..
Bend is already working on another title, if I'm not wrong...

Araragifeels 124d ago

Correct, Sony Bend is working on another title for next gen.

masterfox124d ago

That's definitely not good for obvious reasons, still I really hope this game turns out to be awesome but they need to show something different, heck show the gameplay when the bear and main character are running for their lives while those zombies pursuing them (yes I said Zombies), that's was pretty damn funny.

JaguarEvolved124d ago

The game looks very good and I can't wait to buy it day one

RememberThe357124d ago

Seems to me Sony has set up their studios in an image of ND to keep their staff circulating, instead of the constant hiring/layoffs that we saw last gen and early this gen. I can't really feel worried that Bend is working on an other game for next gen because we're probably talking concept, art, and basic gameplay testing. Those won't necessarily be the same people who would be finishing a game.

JackBNimble123d ago

I hope Bend is working on a next gen tittle considering it takes a 2 or 3 years or so for development. Hopefully that means a ps5 launch tittle, at least someone is thinking ahead.

nucky64123d ago

please define "feeling it out title". i've never read/heard that before.

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I can’t wait for this game to silence its critics just like everyone single PS exclusive so far upon release 🙄

StormSnooper124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

They have shown more than any game before release but somehow some claim they haven’t seen enough... this game looks Amazing. Not to mention the gameplay is what impresses the most.

sprinterboy124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

I hope so buddy, day 1 for me for sure. I think it kinda helps that the hype has chilled abit for the game as I see it could become a sleeper hit.
I don't do sales but realistically would 3 or 4 million lifetime sales be a success for maybe a sequel.

Hardiman124d ago

I know HZD got the same "concerned " pieces but look how it turned out! I'm not saying this'll be on that level but it's not gonna be what naysayers are making it out to be!

P_Bomb124d ago

I hear ya. It’s getting old. I don’t go to articles about games I’m negative on, but here we go again. One guy’s complaining they haven’t shown enough. Another guys complaining they’ve shown too much. Neither is interested in the game anyway. I’m out. Gonna go watch the clip elsewhere.

rainslacker124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

At some point, i just expect the media to completely bash a game on release just to try and prove they were right to begin with. Luckily, it would require a concerted effort by every media outlet, which isn't likely to happen.

I think with this game, it'll get compared a lot to TLOU and possibly Resident Evil, and I will bet you that it will be criticiized for being both too much like those games, and then for not being enough like those games.

There will be some stuff about it using some tropes from the genre and isn't innovative.

The main character wears a hat backwards, which is a purposeful slight towards dudebros stuck in the 90's who think it looks cool.

There will also be some talk about how a piece of scrap metal 200 yards away in the background was removed, so it's a downgrade. And the people noticing it was just knocked down and laying on the ground will go unheard

There will be about 5 fewer zombies in that swarm section, because you know someone is going to count, and so it just proves that the PS4, and more likely the PS4P just isn't strong enough to handle this gen and X1X reigns supreme.

I think at this point, we could start compiling a list of idiotic things that will be used to criticize this game, because it's all becoming so predictable it'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

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Rude-ro124d ago

People said the same thing about horizon, god of war, and spider man... all advertised with pretty much the same and slower gameplay sections.
The one thing to take away is you can trust who is releasing the games.

masterfox124d ago

"People said the same thing about horizon, god of war, and spider man", seriously there weren't any fundaments why people critic those games in a bad way , the trailers shown for those exclusives were instant winners, but for Days Gone valid points exists to criticize, it also comes to my attention that Bend is working in another game so their focus is not Days Gone that's definitely not a good sign, also grabs my attention Sony hasn't make the same advertising or fuzz as the other exclusives.

rainslacker124d ago (Edited 124d ago )


What criticisms are those?

That the game isn't what some people want it to be? The graphics shown for development so far aren't up to par? That it isn't 4K/60? That it's apparently too much like TLOU?

The game play I've seen of the game seems solid enough. I don't overly criticize pre-release showings unless that showing comes up close to release, and we know that's what to expect.

So what if Bend is working on another game? Most of Sony's studios have multiple game projects going on at one time. There is also no word on how far that game is into production, and as far as we know, it's a small group working on early proof of concept stuff, or pre-production which wouldn't require an entire studio to do.

As far as the marketing goes....have you not noticed that every Sony exclusive game this gen after the launch window doesn't get talked up a lot until it's up for the next release. they have showings of the games, but then don't say much until about a month after the last big game they have releases. Seems they've only waited about 2-1/2 weeks for Days Gone since Spider-Man released.

Legatus124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

"seriously there weren't any fundaments why people critic those games in a bad way , the trailers shown for those exclusives were instant winners, but for Days Gone valid points exists to criticize"

Nope, just nope, the same way you are criticizing Days Gone others criticized Horizon Zero Dawn, there is absolutely no difference at all.

"it also comes to my attention that Bend is working in another game so their focus is not Days Gone that's definitely not a good sign"

Ummmm, you do know that it's perfectly normal for gaming studios to have a small team that is experimenting with concept arts and stuff like that for the new IP, while the main team are finishing the current project. That's how Naugty Dog, Insomniac and the others work.

"also grabs my attention Sony hasn't make the same advertising or fuzz as the other exclusives."

Sony showed the game on the two E3s, it had full one month coverage on the Game Informer and it's going to be shown and also playable on the all big gaming convections 'till the game releases in february. When the game releases it will be shown on the more gaming convections than Horizon, Spider-man, etc.

In a long, long time i didn't read more factually wrong comment.

Realms124d ago

It's Sony Bends first AAA game so keep that in mind in terms of expectations but looking at how Sony's first party studios have been rolling I wouldn't dismiss them just yet. The problem I see is that people are judging the game based on other games and not with what is presented. How many articles where written comparing it to TLOU? Take it for what it is and keep expectations tempered and I don't think this will disappoint but if your expecting TLOU then maybe you will be.

ArchangelMike124d ago

Don't forget that we still have PSX in December, I'm sure we'll see more story based stuff then. But even so, I don't like it when we know everything about the game before it ships. For example, Marvel's Spider-man - I wish they hadn't shown anything about the sinister six before the game launched. They should have only shown Martin Lee aka Mr Negative, and the inner demons. If you've played the game you'll understand why. So I really don't mind if Sony Bend keep the story under wraps.

conanlifts124d ago

Just curious, how is it any different to Horizon Zero Dawn when it comes to displaying the same setting? Horizon Zero dawn is a phenomenal game, but the environment and setting is similar throughout.
The biggest and only problem I have with this game is the release date. February is horribly overcrowded with this, Metro, Anthem and Division 2 shortly after. Plus ( not holding my breath and I highly doubt it will, but) if they turn crackdown around that is another game into the mix for me.

ArchangelMike123d ago

I agree about the release date. I think Sony should move it out of February to give it its own breathing space. They should learn from Tomb Raider - a good game completely overshadowed by competing bigger games in the same month. I think Sony should push the release date to March.

nucky64123d ago

not sure what your problem is with this game, masterfox. i'm looking forward to playing days gone. and as far as what they're showing - i don't want to see too much of the game before i've played it.

masterfox123d ago

lol no problem at all I'm just a bit worried that this title hasn't received the same amount of love from Sony like other exclusives, I read all other comments and not sure what other videos they have seen that I haven't , the first trailer got me hook for this title instantly, those dozens of zombies/monsters whatever you want to call it running towards you looked great and intense, I effing love that has this TLOU vibe and with an open world setting Night and day cycle it sounds awesome but since then BEND has only been showing this forest setting in almost all its videos, I know I definitely agree I don't want them to show everything but at least a bit of something new wouldn't hurt anyone and that definitely would kick up the hype that would help them for sales and for us to know more about this title hence then later the game to be purchased. There still some remaining months for its releases but those aren't many so lets see what happens.

nucky64122d ago

as far as other content - there was that gameplay from the trainyard where unbelieveable amounts of zombies were chasing the main character - that was what had me hooked.

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Travis3708124d ago

This is the next biggest ps exclusive so I hope it delivers on the quality. They’ve got until February to fix bugs and glitches and also improve on cutscenes

WANNAGETHIGH124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

I think this game will be a solid 8/10 judging from what I have seen so far.

StormSnooper124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

It will be a high 8 at a minimum, up to a low 9.

nucky64124d ago

i'll be playing this day 1

playnice124d ago

I know lots of people say the zombie genre is overdone but this feels like a proper Walking Dead sim... Love what I am seeing :)

awdevoftw124d ago

Day one. This looks great to me.