Red Dead Redemption 2 can be played in First Person Mode

Red Dead Redemption 2 can be played from start to finish in First Person Mode.

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The ration at which he’s comment disagree and yours agree being spot on is hilarious 😂😂😂

lxeasy122d ago

This game can't come soon enough


Yes! One of my favorite features when i purchased GTAV again on Xbox one, I just hope they have ironed out the mechanics since then

TheSaint121d ago

Yeah the FP in GTA is a little janky.

Omnisonne122d ago

That's awesome. GTAV had the option too on the newer consoles, but it felt kind of tacked on and clunky in my experience, hope RDR2 will improve upon it.

Concertoine122d ago

Yeah i used it primarily to just see things from a different perspective.

If RDR2 can improve thatd be awesome, but the fact that the feature is there is still pretty sick

ziggurcat122d ago

nope. doesn't need a first person mode.

Bluemaster77122d ago

Never knew more options was a bad thing.

sprinterboy122d ago

I know, if it hadn't been included the same people who say no thx would have been the first to moan it wasn't added as a option lol.

ziggurcat122d ago

didn't say more options weren't good. I said it doesn't need it.

PlayableGamez-122d ago

Well it's already in the game. So you're going to have to live with it.

Link2DaFutcha122d ago

So don't use it or don't buy it. I'm excited for it, will be fun to switch to FP for tighter fights or just roaming on the horse.

sprinterboy122d ago

Slightly off topic but I can't wait for vr with these levels of gfx roaming the wild west on horse. I guess ps6 and psvr 3 only another 7yrs or so 😁

RememberThe357122d ago

How dare you have your own opinion of things! You might mess around I get things taken from me!

I've been begging for more FPSs this gen but this is just a tack on feature to me. I probably won't use it but I guess a lot of people want a first person Western and now they have it.

King_Noctis121d ago

Why not? Is having options a bad thing now?

King_Noctis121d ago

You can choose not to use it you know. It won’t affect you or your gameplay in any way.

ziggurcat120d ago

Doesn’t mean it was necessary.

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The story is too old to be commented.