The Best Destiny Expansions, All 7 Ranked

Twinfinite: With the recent release of Forsaken, let’s go over and re rank the series’ expansions once again.

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kombuchaa123d ago

As an ardent WoW fan, I never got around to playing Destiny. Forsaken, however, is tempting me away from the streamlined mess that is Battle for Azeroth...

EdMcGlone123d ago

What don't you like about Azeroth? Curious, I don't follow WoW closely, but I have heard a lot of bad things about it.

kombuchaa123d ago

A lot of the systems for gearing up are really unrewarding, there's too much RNG and generally, it's been a bit of a bug fest. Island Expeditions, Warfronts, and Azerite Armour, which are all new systems, are either a waste of time, poorly implemented, or not worth it, leaving BfA seeming like Legion 0.5. For example, you can reach a competitive item level by AFKing in Warfronts for 3-4 hours, which is insane.

Leveling and raids have been good fun, though!

coolbeans122d ago

Rise of Iron has to be one of the strangest expansions in the Destiny universe, especially after The Taken King at least set stuff on track. Granted, it was a cheaper expansion (barely) and wasn't as hyped up but...really? That's it?

maybelovehate122d ago

House of Wolves ahead of Rise of Iron... Come on. Rise of Iron was amazing. That raid is up there as the best and the quests were so complex and rewarding. Not to mention the guns and their progression were so well done. House of Wolves didn't even have a raid. I remember that DLC basically killed clans since they had no 6 player activities. I would actually rank House of Wolves as the worst overall.