Spider-Man Has One of the Best Video Game Villains We’ve Seen In Years

The big bad in Spidey steals the show.

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rdgneoz329d ago

A little proof reading goes a long way.

"how much of a formidable for he is for Spider-Man"

"is written excellent well as a character"

"proves to be excellent payoff for all the build up it does both both the characters"

S2Killinit29d ago

Maybe it was a translated page? These are too funny to be real (:

AK9129d ago

It's Gamingbolt the unfortunate thing is this is a standard for them.

Masterchief_thegoat29d ago

Someone didn’t play game of the year arkham City.

mkis00729d ago (Edited 29d ago )

2 things:
1.You just said Game of the year...that game didn't come out this year or last year did it?
2. You missed the qualifier "one" in "one of the best video game villains."

Masterchief_thegoat29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

1. I say game of the year, to all games that won them.

Blu3_Berry29d ago

I just finished the game 30 minutes ago. My god that entire 3rd act was pretty intense, especially the last dew missions. God I was going through so many emotions like a roller coaster. I seriously cannot wait for the sequel.

bloop29d ago

Literally just finished it there too. I wasn't really expecting much from this game story-wise, but they knocked it out of the park. That last scene with Spidey and the end boss was pretty intense!! I'm looking forward to going through new game + and doing just the main missions, back to back. I kept getting distracted swinging around and beating up goons for so long that I'd nearly forgotten what had happened in the last main mission 😂

mkis00729d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Well the sequel has already been green-lit ( if it wasn't already obvious, but hey it's nice to know for sure right?).