No Man’s Sky Update Version 1.60 released on PS4, Xbox One and PC

No Man’s Sky Update Version 1.60 has been released for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Daeloki29d ago

One of those rare cases where you're happily proven wrong in the end :)

Dabigsiebowski29d ago

I don't get why people act like these are "good guys" now. It took them what 2 years after a 60...yes 60 dollar full retail failed launch? Sure give them respect for sticking with it...but these guys did a bait and switch to garner as much profit as possible so they can actually finish the game. Talk about a sketchy kickstarter even for Sony to fall into.

No other developer would get the chance these guys got and they were rewarded with big profits and more time all based on blowing smoke. Impressive lol

milohighclub29d ago

No other developer would stick with it as hello games have, it may have been a sketchy start (i was as pissed as anyone) but they have actually turned this game around and have promised to keep at if for the foreseeable future.

Most devs would release then instantly charge for the amount of content hello have thrown in.
Updates as big as $20 DLC packs. There's more in there now than i expected at launch yet they are still throwing in big content update for free.

Look at sea of thieves, as bare as nms, no where near as big n they're already throwing in microtransactions.

Hats off to Hello, they've earned my respect back and I'll definitely consider purchasing their next title... Might not be a day one this time tho, depends on how they handle this from here on out.

TheSaint29d ago

If you think people can't ever redeem themselves then I feel sorry for you.

RealOldGamer29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Outstanding patch. These guys keep surprising me. I refunded my original purchase, but bought the game back for dirt cheap a few patches down the line. Very glad they are keeping it up.

Terrain Tessellation on consoles make it a game changer.

milohighclub29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I'd really like to see them add, civilisations on planets. Some with cities etc
Maybe different levels of it tho, some planets have prehistoric intelligent life, some have futuristic advancements and anywhere in between.

I'd like to see more biomes on a planet between 1 and 10 or something.

Natural disasters, earthquakes, super volcano eruptions, ice ages, meteor strikes etc
Polar ice caps... Some melting due to greenhouse emissions.

Player generated activities too, set up races, planetary tours, mineral extraction or weapons and tech exchanges etc for players to do when they find your bases ; you could even set rewards for them..

I've been keeping a notebook of possible additions.
This game has so much potential, i hope they support it through to ps5 with increased flora and fauna density. Would be wicked to come across a planet with massive jungles.

Also this is a big en for me, imagine rescuing a freighter, boarding but the crew are hostile and you have a futuristic shootout...
So hostile aliens.

Oh and finding massive complexed alien complexes on planets. Something like Shadow Moses from mgs, you have to find your way through fighting hostile life and raiding their tech... Giant robots anyone?

Jobs would be cool too, you have a freighter? Why not transport cargo for other players?

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