Gamers Deserve To Be Upset Over Nintendo Switch Online

The Nintendo Switch Online service launched two days ago, but you don’t have to look at Nintendo’s official Twitter account to see how ill received the service has been. No, the mixed to negative reception really started picking up steam with the September 13th Nintendo Direct.

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Neonridr1715d ago

I was actually pleased when I looked at some of the games in the NES library. Double Dragon, Gradius, Ghost n' Goblins, River City Ransom, Ice Climbers... not to mention Ice Hockey (one of my favs as a kid). Many good memories from those games. Sure it's not 1000 to start, and there are no other systems yet, but give it time.

Sm00thNinja1715d ago

They had a year. How long does give it time actually mean? Will we ever get SNES or N64 titles? Ashame this is the state of online Nintendo is content with launching.

Neonridr1715d ago

and that's your opinion, nobody says you are wrong. Give it time means give it at least a day post launch. I didn't know we expected the entire VC to be avaialble on day one.

Sm00thNinja1715d ago

It's just hard for me to believe anyone is content with the launch of Nintendo Online. Sure it will get better, but a year delay and THIS is what we got? You should expect more from Nintendo, but I'll respect your opinion. Some of the NES titles I'm excited about as well hopefully we receive SNES titles in the future

Azurite1715d ago

Probably licensing issues as usual, they can't just add any game they want.

Mithan1715d ago

I am sure they will dump a lot of games quickly. It is a gold mine.

Uken121714d ago

Well if Wii and Wii U are any indicators, then it will probably trickle out games slowly. Which is really annoying. It should have the complete VC library of Wii and Wii U, even 3DS. Honestly with is wrong with them. It's free money.

It's stupid and should have a more robust library. Especially since 2018 has been terrible so far for the Switch. Indie games are ok but no actual titles worth buying. They could have done well with a decent VC library or at least the same as Wii U and we can actually transfer our account purchases, because Wii U is useless now. But nope, trash internet service.

I am a Nintendo fan, but this is pretty awful. Og XboxLive was waaaay better. 17 years ago.... there isn't really an excuse.
VC has technically been out since 2006 and honestly all NES, SNES, N64 titles should have been released by now. I get licensing issues but really. Nintendo doesn't want free money I guess.

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zombiewombie1715d ago

Give it time isnt a valid excuse especially when they delayed it by a whole year in order to "improve" it.

conanlifts1715d ago

It's not for me, but the outrage is interesting. The nes classic launched for $60 and was in huge demand. This launches for $19.99 per year and will have games added each month, plus new features, and somehow it is bad. Not really sure of the logic there.

Sm00thNinja1714d ago

Alone. Sure fine it's a great deal but in comparison tothe other offerings out there it's severely lacking. You have to acknowledge that fact. Or be blind to it which most people are going with and using the price point excuse

Neonridr1714d ago

@Sm00thNinja - no it's not as good as PSN or XBL. But this is Nintendo's first attempt at a subscription model. How long did it take Sony to catch up to MS in terms of quality and what they offered?

Rome wasn't built in a day, much to the surprise of many people here. Is it perfect? No, far from it. Will it get better? I have to believe so.

Sm00thNinja1714d ago

@Neondir OG PS NETWORK launch day NOVEMBER 2006 LAUNCHED WITH MORE FEATURES THOUGH. That's what people are upset about. Who cares if it isn't Xbox Live or PSN.

PhoenixUp1715d ago

It got delayed and it’s still underwhelming

rainslacker1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I'm not really upset about it, because I never consider Nintendo for online gaming.

Sucks you need it to play online I guess, but I'll live if I don't subscribe to it.

I consider it a subpar service not worth subscribing to, so I simply don't subscribe to it.

conanlifts1715d ago

I would never game online with my switch primarily due to their chat feature. It's the most ridiculous thing in gaming.

Neonridr1714d ago

man.. so many great MP games though. MK8, Arms, Splatoon 2, Smash? I mean that's your choice.. but you are limiting your experiences heavily by missing out on some of those games.

Uken121714d ago


I agree with you to a point. But you don't really need Voice Chat for games like Smash or Mario Kart. Unless you want to hear racial slurs from kids.

Other games like Fortnite and FPS games suffer severely because of the stupid voice chat mess.

rainslacker1714d ago


I remember when Nintendo was all about delivering the experience to everyone, forgoing things like trophies because they thought it distracted from the game.

So, it's actually Nintendo limiting our experiences unless we want to pay for their online service.

And before someone mentions it, yes, MS and Sony do the same thing.

I subscribe to PS+ for the free games and I had a couple years built up when they made it a MP paywall. I was close to cancelling the sub when they weren't offering very compelling games for a long while. Since they started offering compelling games again, I find it kind of worth it, since I ended up or will end up playing a lot of the games they are offering now. GWG would be the same way for the most part, but for this gen, I haven't really felt like I've lost anything I couldn't get if I wanted it so I'm not fussed about it. Nintendo's service doesn't offer compelling content like that, so even though it's cheap, I still don't care to spend money on it.

blawren41714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I find it surprisingly OK. The app isn't that cumbersome to use. Some sort of invite system would be nice though.

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SuperSonic911715d ago

At least this gaming site has the balls to critique Nintendo.
That is kick ass not kiss ass.

Keep on Chooglin'

RizBiz1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I had very low expectations and the service turned out to be even worse than that. $20/year to play a tiny selection of games I can play on my RetroPie, and cloud saves which get instantly deleted the moment you stop paying. Ridiculous and embarrassing.

conanlifts1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Wait the cloud saves get deleted if you stop paying? If so that is the second most ridiculous thing in gaming after voice chat on the switch.

ninsigma1715d ago

No not instantly deleted but they aren't gaurunteed to be preserved if you're not paying.

conanlifts1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

@ninsigma. Hopefully it is just something in the terms and conditions. Sony have a similarly random thing from memory where they can delete your account if inactive for 2 years. Don't think they act on it though.

ninsigma1714d ago

Yeah it'll probably be unlikely and you'd be super unlucky for it to happen.

Neonridr1714d ago

Sony gives you 6 months. Nintendo didn't specify an exact date, so people around here like to assume that means they will delete them the moment you stop paying. Par for the course.

blawren41714d ago

I believe the uproar about this detail is worse. Nintendo is vague on the time before deletion, nothing has been confirmed. A feature you pay for stops working if you stop paying. Seems reasonable to me. The cloud is just backup of the local save. if you re up your sub service, you can backup again to the cloud. zero issues. If someone breaks their switch while lapsed on the sub service, that's just rotten luck.

The voice chat on app is not that bad or cumbersome. Just takes some getting used to. I actually like it.

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Neonridr1714d ago

they don't get instantly deleted. They say they can't guarantee them beyond a certain date. Jesus, let's just make up information and call it facts ok?

davand1141714d ago

Sony does the same thing don't they? I think after six months they delete your cloud saved if you don't subscribe again.

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