THQ Nordic's Acquisitions: Five IPs I'd love them to buy

With THQ Nordic currently acquiring several dormant IPs with the intention of showing some love to franchises and growing their portfolio, what would you like to see them buy? I've laid out my five hopes and tried to be relatively realistic.

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darthv7230d ago

Dante's Inferno is my personal choice. It may be a GoW clone but its a very well made GoW clone.

Cajun Chicken30d ago

Yes! I honestly think the game was equally as great as GoWII.

Hogs of War. Yes! But nobody will ever be able to replace Rik Mayall with his amazing one man show. Perhaps the cast of The League of Gentlemen?

I love the Earthwork Jim mention in the article. But MDK. MDK is ripe for a reboot. Make it a mixture of third person cover shooter and the manic open spaces of EDF. It'll be great. As much as I liked MDK 2 it didn't have the arenas the first one had.

I'll add Akuji the Heartless, a very overlooked adult platformer from the maker of Gex whom took over Tomb Raider. But with an excellent voodoo dark theme behind it. Again, ripe for a reboot, especially post GoW reboot.

And if I'm right, seeing that Nordic own THQ, don't they ALREADY own Destroy All Humans?...A good project for Volition...lastly, Prototype. Activision will never let go of it, but Prototype 1 & 2 were something special.

thatguyhayat30d ago

Yeaaah dino crisis will never happen as much as I would love for it to see daylight again. Though capcom has changed and turned things around for them, it may happen if we ask. They did with onimusha

coolbeans30d ago

The world needs more Gex.

Relientk7729d ago

Hogs of War is underrated. Game is pretty good and fun.