DreamsPS4 gets new TGS 2018 Footage for Japan's version titled Dreams Universe - ImpSpace

"Dreams is shown at the Tokyo Game Show with a special revealed name for Japan's release titled "Dreams Universe". A replica of TGS2018 is made in dreams!" -ImpSpace

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THC CELL32d ago

I got to play this game again the upgrades and tools are amazing it is very possible to make your own game Like cod half life halo. Mario. Any race game it's endless and this game should not go a miss. People who can't create or don't want too there is a massive set of games to play. Also coop games are fun and addictive

pody31d ago

I hope somebody makes Crash Team Racing.

Neonridr32d ago

do we have a release date yet for this?

P_Bomb32d ago

I don’t even think there’s a beta date yet.

P_Bomb31d ago

I’ll be all over it! I have high hopes for this project. Been so long since MM’s LBP2. My kids still play user created levels to this day. The community’s itching for some next level tools.

Neonridr31d ago

man.. I was hopeful for a 2018 release on this thing when we saw it way back when. Now I am worried this is going to slip to TBA 2019.

P_Bomb31d ago

Definitely slipping to 2019. The VR ready at launch pushed it back. I could see a Q2 release, filling in the slot GOW, Detroit and Yakuza 6 took this year. Post Days Gone for sure.

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thorstein32d ago

I am totally remaking Wing Commander in this.

neocores805532d ago

tbh i cant wait man. The tools like kinda easy. I think i should be able to use this i hope. My learning disablity kinda stops me from doing alot. But i really want to make an amazing rpg on this. Or try to

Hardiman31d ago

You can do it! The tools look pretty user friendly so I imagine it's gonna be something really special!

THC CELL31d ago

Yes also it has videos in game so u won't get stuck