Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Ladies: Sexy Has No Place In The Zombie Apocalypse

Taking a look at the changes to Claire and Ada Wong, who have been stripped back from their revealing outfits of the original.

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FallenAngel198427d ago

“Right now, we’re smack bang in an era where the sexualisation of women is being toned down. We’re seeing it across the board. In the latest game in the Dead or Alive series, for example, female character sexualisation has been adapted for more stylish designs. We’re seeing stronger female lead characters breakthrough like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and female characters are becoming better known for their actions and personality rather than their sexuality.”

I seriously find it appalling that so many people can’t find a female character that’s both beautiful and very appealing. It’s not like you can’t have one without the other. There’s plenty of male characters who are sexualized yet still compelling, but god forbid it happen to a female character.

gamer780427d ago (Edited 27d ago )

yup, don't buy on launch day for games that SJW their games, I'm not buying DOA for now until they show what their final plan is for the game.

T2X27d ago

This is Resident evil. Why would these women or anyone in general be running around in spiked high heels and miniskirts to begin with during a zombie outbreak? The original had a very Japanese flair to the design and while cool, not very realistic. This really doesn't have anything to do with SJW agenda.

Shiken27d ago


Yeah, but SJWs will spin it to make it sound like it does. If not for that, no one would look twice about the design changes.

They do more harm to their cause than they do good. This is what annoys people and fuels these stupid debates. It is a vicious cycle.

NapalmSanctuary27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"This is Resident evil. Why would these women or anyone in general be running around in spiked high heels and miniskirts to begin with during a zombie outbreak?"

BECAUSE this is Resident Evil. You can't take the Japanese flair out of Resident Evil and still have Resident Evil.

DVAcme27d ago

@T2X This is exactly my way of thinking. The original RE2 was made under the 90's definition of cool, while the RE2Make is made with modern sensibilities. Ada having a trenchcoat and more sensible dress makes perfect sense, especially since Ada vountarily jumps into the zombie outbreak as part of her mission to secure the G-Virus. A heavy trenchcoat is much more capable of withstanding a zombie bite than a cocktail dress.

NewUser10127d ago


It's a GAME about can literally do whatever it wants to do with it's FICTIONAL SUBJECT MATTER.

How about since we're going after "sensibilities" we remove the zombies since they AREN'T REAL.

Jesus Christ...this is what's wrong with this mentality.

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HeavyM27d ago

I think he or she did not watch the latest dante trailer for Devil May Cry V showing triss and lady, i do not think sexualization is toned down, it is very likely that you will have sexy unlockable in this resident evil as well.

Shiken27d ago

And there is nothing wrong with that.

LucasRuinedChildhood27d ago

I see that these guys haven't seen Ivy in SoulCalibur 6. Sweet Jesus.

gamer780427d ago

Soul caliber staying true to their design while doa/team ninja is not.

rainslacker26d ago

I actually found Aloy kind of hot, although her hair was a bit much. But I do have a thing for redheads.

That being said, I find intellect sexy by itself, but women can be sexy and intelligent. Openly portraying "sexy" is the choice of the individual, and has nothing to do with their intellectual prowess.

As far as this game goes, i think the redesigns are more because they want to make it a more realistic and grittier look. It fits the art style more. Granted, maybe I'll be proven wrong if they throw in something stupid like a cute hybrid pig animal.

In the end though, I'm more annoyed by the media acting like the new character design isn't sexy just because she's covered up more. Seems they are the one's placing expectations on what is considered sexy, because when I look at Ada Wong here, I'd say she's attractive enough, and without more than that to go on, it's hard to say how she'll be portrayed otherwise.

But in the reveal trailer for this game, it seemed that it would just be sexy all around. not just individuals, but in presentation. Kind of like how the matrix had some butt ugly characters, but the way it was presented was sexy.

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bunt-custardly27d ago

"Love it or hate it: the days of having over-sexualised costume designs of videogame heroines is over."

Wow the game isn't even released yet and you are making these assumptions based from a trailer and some early gameplay videos. If you used your noggin think back at the original Claire outfit in Revelations 2. Then think about the quirky stuff they had as unlockables/DLC. This is Capcom and there will be alternate outfits. You can be sure of that.

rainslacker26d ago

Also rather funny they'd assume that based on one game.

I'm sure P*, Kojima, any number of JPRG devs, likely any Bethesda RPG game(although they'll look like a horse also), every single MMORPG, etc, will have plenty of tantalizing outfits going forward.

Smokehouse27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Ada Wong better cover those ankles. The American left wants designer hijabs. Gucci ankle covers.

ZaWarudo27d ago

Don't forget about the evangelical right soccer moms who freaks out over a little bit of exposed skin.

gamer780427d ago

don't think you've been to a soccer game recently lol.

G3ng4r27d ago

Problem with that is most of your crotch blood-smeared feminist extremists are on the left. Bewbies in a video game? No. No bewbies at all unless we're marching topless to protest bewbies in our video games that we don't play.

Smokehouse27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I miss the old Christian Right. At least they did it the right way and got blown out in court. Disbarred in many cases. Unlike the culture based backdoor bandits who get things banned or shamed through twitter movements.

_LarZen_27d ago

Resident Evil 2: The Burqa Edition

ZaWarudo27d ago

I'm fine with their redesign. It's not a big deal.

Shikoku27d ago

What is inappropriate about MrsNezbitts comment?

LucasRuinedChildhood27d ago

Eejits being eejits. You'd have to be a real snowflake to get offended by that comment.

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