Devil May Cry 5 Has Multiplayer For 2-3 Players

Alongside the single-player campaign, Devil May Cry 5 will have a multiplayer mode.

Nitrowolf22075d ago

Could be a listing error, psn has listed plenty of games with multiplayer that didn’t have it

sprinterboy2074d ago

There's a trailer showing it dude @ tgs lol

FallenAngel19842075d ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were multiplayer now

sprinterboy2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Goto the ps store or ms store and read the description on the pre order section if dmc 5 it states 2 to 3 players via network (ps plus subscription required)

blackblades2074d ago

Oh lord, now they making this game multiplayer. Hopefully it's not crap and forced on because of the though multiplayer sells thought.

l3w1s2074d ago

It is coop, the thing that the fanbase asked for the most. At least educate yourself a bit before trying to spin this in such a negative light.

Lord_Sloth2074d ago

DMC3 had Doppleganger and the Vergil Boss Fight as co-op. I'm sure this game will feature co-op as well in a similar fashion.

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wwinterj2074d ago

This hasn't been officially announced so I'll take this with a pinch of salt. Still perhaps this is for Bloody Palace mode.

sprinterboy2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

There's a trailer from tgs dude

Eiyuuou2074d ago

And MP wasn’t mentioned.

sprinterboy2074d ago

Goto the psn store or xbox store and read the description on the pre order of dmc it clearly states 2 to 3 players ffs. How dumb are some people. Can't even fathom that.
Plus there is a quick flash of less than a second or so showing co/op in the trailer @ 0.52seconds.

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Concertoine2074d ago

Bayonetta 2 had a fun little coop mode.

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Capcom Announces Record Profits Due to Digital Sales of Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 2, DMC5

Today Capcom announced its financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year 2019, which ended on December 31.

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BadElf1572d ago

Niiiiiice. Now use some of that profit to make Zack and Wiki 2 for Switch. Get a remake of the first one first atleast.

tinchotin1572d ago

That's the franchise you want Capcom to revive? LOL

AriesBear1572d ago

I think some people just make stupid requests because they think it's cute.

BadElf1571d ago

Loved Zack and Wiki. Yes

Edito1571d ago

I wish they put all the money on Dino Crisis..