VGR Reviews: Fable II


"Graphically, Fable II looks amazing. Sure it does have a few technical problems with frame rates and loading times and maybe a few glitches in places, but it's nothing that hinders the experience that the Lionhead team have poured their souls into creating. It's probably one of the most in-depth and fun games that I have ever played, although at this point I'm still waiting to play Fallout 3. It'll be hard to tear the two apart with their offerings and I pity anyone who attempts to. Voice-acting can be a bad thing in videogames, luckily this isn't the case with Fable II. There are plenty of great voices and accents that stand out from the usual American-sounding games of today. It's a nice change and one that's very welcome to this particular British reviewer.

If I spent another 1000 words or so, I still couldn't begin to scratch the surface of everything that Fable II has to offer. It improves upon the original in every way, while not feeling too drastic in change. It meets all expectations with flying colours and its going to take something incredible to topple it, this is the game that every Xbox 360 owner must buy, so go out and get it now!"

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