Gears of War 2 Trailer - Last Day Now Live

Loot Ninja says:

"I have never seen a trailer as evoking as Mad World for Gears of War. This is not far behind. It totally gives you the feel of the struggle these guys are going through. It also gives you the feeling things are not going to turn out so well at the end."

Here is the newest Gears 2 Trailer that was announced.

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iiprotocolii3647d ago

I seriously can't wait to pick this game up. So many good games... so little money... someone... up... gah!

mesh13647d ago

YOU ALREADY KNOWWWW YOUW ALREADYYYY KNOW THE END GEARS OF WAR 2 GOTY 2008 RELASE DATE NOV 7 2007 from the acclaimed gaming studios EPIC makers of the ureal tournment franchise have finally pushed ouit another new i.p the 1st was a great game but people hahah from what ive seen and heard this game is 1 of the best gamuing expreinces in the last 10years haha waitand see the 10/10 from 90% of game reviewers this game campiaghn alone guys plzse ive seen is a beast of nature.

IdleLeeSiuLung3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I would also like to add, so little time....

I'm totally hyped on this game. Can't wait and got it pre-ordered. There aren't too many games I would buy day-1 at full price!

drunkpandas3647d ago

Pretty good. Definitely not near the Mad World trailer. I think the newest Resistance 2 trailer was actually better

3647d ago
Aquanox3647d ago

Remember the Halo 3 release. The first launched a short teaser and then elaborated with other commercials. I bet my arm the same will happen here.

ZackFair3647d ago

Mad World was better, and so was the R2 ad.

But this was still really good.

Eurocar93647d ago

I think its best just not to compare anything Resistance and Gears, we don't want any blood

cherrypie3647d ago

What is this "resistance"?

Is that a videogame?

iHEARTboobs3646d ago

Actually it is. There's other great games out there outside of your preferred system. You should give them a try one day.

Anyhow, didn't expect a Devotchka song to make an appearance, but then again I wouldn't have expected Mad World either. I liked them both though. Good trailers.

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TheNewerGuy3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

What a pathetic commercial,Years of Snore indeed

GiantEnemyCrab3647d ago

What's pathetic is your running out of things to bash the 360 about so now you are talking about a damn commercial. $ony wishes it had MS's marketing talent, it's not always a hit but they have more hits than misses. $ony is renowed for their horrible marketing, see the thumb penis, women sitting on the crapper and the Play Beyond baby ad's. Failure after marketing failure for $ony.

Man_of_the_year3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Another great commercial - just look at them - they know that they are going into a battle that they may not be walking away can see the sadness in those scenes - as they admire the beauty of what is left on the surface.

AWESOME - not as good as the mad world commercial - but still "EPIC"

elshimiablo3647d ago

did anyone see the Ending footage

the water is plastic and the GFX looks like DOGSH**

what a shame??

This garbage game is going up against Resistance 2 and LBP


It is more like Gears of GARBAGE 2

psiom3647d ago

Crab - it's pretty irrational to get that defensive dude.

The comment was about this being a crap ad, but you turned it around to go off on a big anti Sony rant? You didn't even say a word about THIS ad itself.

Are you proud of Micrsoft ads or something? I really don't understand comments like that.

highps33647d ago

ocks are underwear, after all

eating spaghetti with a cattle prod

the small byzantine child asks

mother may i keep this fish head?

it followed me home

& the mother

a neophyte carpet prostitute, says

yes but only if you

drink your opium

all gone

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TheNewerGuy3647d ago

R2 commercial>Gears 2 commercial

TheNewerGuy3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

♪the Xbots here are crying and their tears just make me glad♪

morganfell3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Man I am laughing my ass off over that. It's different than the first commercial...but it isn't. Different song, same thing.

They would have been better by going with a grittier more desperate approach.

R2 Commercials > Gears 2 Commercials. Not even close.

GiantEnemyCrab3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Mad World and the Rendezvous commercial blow the lid off of those dumb Resistance commercial's. There latest one makes no sense at all and the one with Edward James Almos doing the voice over is a snooze fest, like sitting in a history class. Zero style.

eagle213647d ago

And that's because I liked the movie Donnie Darko. Next time, get some original material Microsoft.