Resident Evil 2 Reveals More Story, Introduces Foes And Allies

Resident Evil 2 begins as Raccoon City continues to endure an onslaught of terror and fear as a mysterious, flesh-eating virus spreads into the town that turns everyone it infects into zombies.

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sssb32d ago

Watching for more then 10 times, RE2R looks amazing, I hope this one get high sells to get RE3 remake.

Dabigsiebowski32d ago

Give me a reach around while I stare too please!!

nucky6431d ago

agreed. throw in code veronica too!

CrimsonWing6931d ago

I love it but I feel they made Ada look old. I’ll need to see her face without the shades on and cmon they need to give her something red to wear!

PlatinumKing198230d ago

Im just happy real zombies are back. Not the stupid sprinting infected crap.