PS Vita production to end in 2019 in Japan

PS Vita will be manufactured until 2019 in Japan and there are currently no plans for a successor, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda told Famitsu at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

“Currently, we do not have any plans regarding a new handheld device,” Oda said. “In Japan, we will manufacture PlayStation Vita until 2019. From there, shipping will end.”

In related news, Oda confirmed that the 20 titles in the newly announced PlayStation Classic will differ between Japan and the west. (All of the currently announced titles are shared, however.) Oda said that each title is being carefully selected on the basis that it is highly popular, has a lot of fans, and is representative of PlayStation.

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PhoenixUp28d ago

That would make Sony’s run in the portable market 15 years cuz I doubt Sony would release a successor.

It was a wild ride while it lasted. Seemed like yesterday that Sony announced their intention to challenge Nintendo’s dominance with handheld gaming.

bouzebbal28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Sony's bad management killed this console.
i still don't understand how such a handheld can die so soon by having no support 6months or less after it released.
It was an extremely capable console with gems like Uncharted,Tearaway,WipEout,Gra vity Rush,LBP,Killzone,Sly,Velocity 2X just to name a few. and of course the killer app feature remote play PS3 and PS4.
i personaly loved cross save and cross buy features too.
really shame on you Sony you lost your fans trust when it comes to handheld.

Profchaos28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yeah they worried to much about tablets and phones competing with the vita so much they just kind of gave up.

Shame when I brought one I was expecting more games like infamous making a vita version but not much actually came

Imortus_san28d ago

The vita died due to Sony's PS4 launch, because they moved all the resources to PS4. simple as that.

mcstorm28d ago

I agree. They lost me as a console gamer due to me being mainly a racer on consoles and this gen Sony's exclusives have been poor compared to Microsoft's but I was all hyped for the vita. Games that were shown off like uc, mnr, allstars lbp, resistance and more got me excited for the console and got it over the 3ds 6 months after it came out felt like support had dropped half the games were also half assed to like mnr not having online support. If Sony so enter the market again I will not be getting day one again I will be keeping an eye on it and get one later on in the gen if it's still supported. For me loved the psp and vita in terms of hardware but vita just did not have the software support.

SuperSonic9128d ago

Just to prove that Sony does its own thing and not to compete with Nintendo.
They dont give a rat's ass about Nintendo's handhelds. They did PSP and PS Vita because they wanted to as a business and service.
Not to compete.

Shiken27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Just like Nintendo does their own thing, for business and not to compete. This is why both Nintendo and Sony are doing so well. They both follow their own vision and deliver quality exclusive games. There is a reason to own both, and it is great for the industry.

Fist4achin28d ago

The sad part is that the recipe for success is right there in front of them. Everybody has heard the things that made vita a failure,... so just do away/fix that and give the gamers what they want from it. If the did that and made it a better and true companion to the ps4 and future consoles, make some great exclusives that thing would fly off the shelves. Sony can be frustrating sometimes because a simple money making solution is right there!!!

Shiken27d ago

When the VITA launched, the money was not there. Sony was in a very bad spot. By the time they got out of the whole they were in, the stigma was already there and little could save it.

It is a shame because the VITA is a good system with some real gems on it. It was bad timing that killed it outside of Japan ultimately.

crazyCoconuts27d ago

It's sad. I'm not a switch fan, so I'll keep rocking my GPD Win 2 until maybe Apple / Google comes up with phone/console hybrids

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Geobros28d ago

So that's the end of the portable sony history? What a coward company?

Unreal0128d ago

Huh? Sure, they could have some things better, but I wouldn't call it cowardly. It probably just wasn't worth continuing from a business perspective.

Neonridr28d ago

the Vita sold very poorly considering how good of a device it was. Sadly Nintendo just seems to understand the handheld market a little better, especially in Japan. Partnerships with key studios and specific games really hurt the Vita. Had the Vita been able to get some MH games, or more solid 3rd party efforts, the story might have been different.

Born2Game8328d ago (Edited 28d ago )

You have no idea how business works do you?

I mean never say never. But it might be awhile before Sony return to the portable gaming scene. Home console is very profitable for them so that's where they are for now.

CarlDechance27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I missed the part where they said it was "the end" of portables for Sony. They probably should have though. And even if they had, how the hell is that "cowardly"? You do realize this a business, right?

Segata28d ago

One of my fave handhelds ever. Sad to see this but hung in there a good while. I still play mine often.

Malice-Flare28d ago

still have time to buy a spare. still have a backlog on it...

Araragifeels 28d ago

PlayStation need to drop the price for the Memory card by 50-75% percent off the original price. They need to do it, if they killing production and might as well have PSVITA, games and memory card on sale.

himdeel28d ago

Agreed. I do need to also purchase a backup. My backlog on my Vita us my biggest on all my gaming devices.

Blu3_Berry28d ago

It's been dead for a while so honestly I'm not surprised.

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