PSN Cards Finally in the Wild

Loot Ninja says,

"I made a trip over to Best Buy today to pick up Far Cry 2 for the Xbox 360 and decided to browse through all the gaming aisles to see what they had available. To my surprise, for the first time, I saw PSN cards. Both the $20 and $50 cards were available for sale with over 10 of each on the racks."

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drunkpandas3743d ago

Took long enough. I know Sony made an announcement on their blog, but they need to invest in either some commercials or in-store displays to let people know these things actually exist.

drunkpandas3743d ago

Good for people who don't want to give their credit card info with their PSN account

iiprotocolii3743d ago

This is great news. I think, like XBL cards, this is a great alternatives for those who dont have a credit card or just don't feel safe using it. This was definitely a good move on Sony's behalf.

drunkpandas3743d ago

Definitely. I might have to take my credit card off my PSN account now (which is very easy to do, unlike on the 360)

Eck03743d ago

I saw those things months ago at my local gas station.. you guys probably never actually looked for them.

drunkpandas3743d ago

They've been available at obscure places that people don't normally shop (like Speedway). This is the first time the PSN cards have been available at major retail chains like Best Buy, Walmart, etc.

taz80803743d ago

These are like mythical creatutres when spotted

drunkpandas3743d ago

Yeah seriously. I snagged a $50 one. Gotta love Best Buy gift cards :)

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The story is too old to be commented.