NES Switch Online is already hacked. Should anyone be surprised?

People shouldn't be surprised that systems like the Switch are getting hacked. They should be surprised (and worried?) at how fast it is happening nowadays.

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Gemmol27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Whole reason Nintendo did the new thing is so people can play online and voice chat.........all these people doing is just adding a game that have no voice chat or online play to it, it's just the same game someone can play on a emulator

Now if he can hack the game to add online play then this hacking thing would be cool but as of now its just whack

I hope Nintendo add online to Mario kart 64 i know all the shortcuts

optimus27d ago

it's not whack if it's a game that is not part of the announced games that are currently available.

stefd7526d ago

Im interested in hacking mine if only to back up my saves without paying for it. It is a basic function of most consoles.

vergilxx326d ago

It's easy and simple , go to
there is easy to follow guide and you can do it on the latest firmware
it should take you no longer than 20 minutes

stefd7526d ago

How did I not know this. Thanks for that

kevnb26d ago

keep in mind some newer switches cant be hacked the same way.

Neonridr26d ago

I doubt it works with 6.0

optimus26d ago

that site is down whatever it was....that just goes to that domain name being for sale.

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Imortus_san26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The more its hacked the more it sells.

chris23526d ago

the reason is simple. nintendo is not acknowledging anything besides themselves. they are convinced that they are still the market, like in 1982. they got no clue that they are decades behind the competition and that therefore today‘s hacker-punks got no problem cracking this ancient tech. personally, i don‘t even want their stuff for free, so...

Neonridr26d ago

every Nintendo console has been hacked, hasn't changed since the Wii days.

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