World Of Final Fantasy Maxima Introduces New Characters, Monsters And Avatar System

In World Of Final Fantasy Maxima, players will lead a pair of twins, Reynn and Lann, on their journey through the mysterious world of Grymoire on a search to rediscover their lost memories.

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FallenAngel198433d ago

I hope I’ll be able to use the Avatar Change mechanic with the Sora DLC

RainOfTerror33d ago

I might just get this on PC

Teflon0233d ago

I'm confused. I never beat WoFF. But I was well into it last I played. Is this a sequel or a bigger version of the same game? I definitely don't know any of those scenes so I'm assuming it's a sequel. But if so, should have just called it WoFF2

dualshock33d ago

An updated version with bonus content.

neocores805533d ago

SO will i get this if i own the game already :/

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