Bigfoot Bill interview with Doug TenNapel - The success on indiegogo and Bigfoot Bill the game

"I just got a chance to do an interview with Doug TenNapel. So we talked about everything from his new graphic novel "Bigfoot Bill", TenNapel's sucess on indiegogo, TenNapel's plans for a "Bigfoot Bill" video game, gaming to old memories and much more" - Robin TGG.

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Inzo155d ago

Proud backer here. I loved Earthworm Jim , from the show to the games. Cant wait for Bigfoot Bill.

TGG_overlord155d ago

Props to you =) Same here ;) I hope that the "Bigfoot Bill" game will happen as well.

Jackhass155d ago

Some of TenNapel's opinions are a little iffy, but you can't deny he's one of the all-time great cartoonists.

TGG_overlord155d ago

His free to think what he will ;) But people are also free to not agree with him. Nevertheless, I think that his a great guy and a great talent.