Top 10 Best Selling PS One Games of All Time

With the announcement of the PS One Classic, it feels right to take a glance at the best-selling PS One games. Why? Well, if these numbers indicate anything, it's that players are almost guaranteed to see at least a few of these titles on the soon-to-be released classic system.

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FallenAngel198427d ago

“While Final Fantasy VII swamped it in sales, Final Fantasy IX’s 5.30 million copies sold is nothing to scoff at.”

Hence why I can never understand why people can say one of top 10 best selling games on one of the most popular systems of all time fell under the radar.

alexgibson27d ago

It's odd when you think about it like that, isn't it? Still did impressive numbers,

DigitalSoulja27d ago

Anyone else just back out straight away when they see it’s Twinfinite? No I’m not gunna click on 10 different pages just to find out what the best selling PS1 games were. They really need to stop featuring articles from this dogshit site on here.