Warriors Orochi 4 Will Hit “4K”/60 FPS On Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Warriors Orochi 4, the next instalment in Koei-Tecmo's crossover franchise that spawns from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, is not far away from its Western launch, and as is the case with most, if not all, major releases these days, it'll be sporting some pretty neat visual enhancements on the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro.

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AizenSosuke30d ago

I will be excited to see this works in action

darthv7230d ago

Why is "4K" the only thing in quotes?

Darkwatchman30d ago

Because it probably won’t be native. The last dynasty warriors game looked and ran like ass on both pro and x

Pantz30d ago

So nice I got the deluxe edition pre ordered

blackblades30d ago

Hopefully its not a mess like DW9, from what I seen and heard it wasn't stable at all and just ehm