PlayStation Classic: Gamers Are Not Happy About The Price

Sony just recently debuted their PlayStation Classic, taking a page from the nostalgic stylings of Nintendo with their mini-editions of fan favourites from the past. Though there are only five titles confirmed thus far - including Final Fantasy VII - there will still be more to reveal closer to release. Despite the trickling in news, gamers are not happy with how much Sony is asking for.

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Eonjay30d ago

$99.99 is fine. People were buying the NES classic for $300 when the initial batch sold out. The SNES is $80. Cheaper is always better but come one. The Neo Geo mini is $110 on Amazon right now without a gamepad.
"To be fair, there are many excited for the nostalgic blast from the past"
Oh its a non issue.
Never mind.

Neonridr30d ago

I am ok with the price. My only gripes are the controller and how these early 3D games are going to appear on my 4K TV. I have the same reservations with an N64-mini should it eventually come. But I distinctly remember Playstation 1 having issues displaying textures properly. You would get that weird warping or flowing textures on the walls and floors as you moved about. I think the NES and SNES held up so much better due to the games being pixel based. But our rose tinted glasses are about to be taken off when we play some of these 3D games again for the first time in a long time :P

Elda29d ago

Textures may not be all that but the games will look clearer,they'll be in hd possibly 720p like the SNES & NES mini or for the $100 cost possibly in 1080p.

bouzebbal29d ago

Gamers this article is talking about are those who are queuing for iphones for 1000+$.

naruga29d ago

PS-mini is a good value for new players who havent experienced PSone glory days and now they cant as retro games are extremely pricey........though i would prefer also a simultaneously normal Bckward compatibility on PS4 so i can replay my physical games

bouzebbal29d ago

naruga, you can DL emulators if that's what you want, or buy PSTV for less than half PS1 classic price.

The thing is that nostalgic fans are interested in the original console's design, reminds of the golden era of gaming. This console is exclusively made for this kind of people, who wanna show it to their kids.

UltraNova29d ago

I cant say I care about it altogether tbh...not only that but they should have added more games, if of course licencing isnt the issue but we cant know that.

The only mini I care about is the N64, only if Nintendo includes SM64, ZeldaOoT, Golden Eye, Perfect black, Turok 2 and Banjo K. Any of those missing will be an instant no buy for me.

Neonridr29d ago

@UltraNova - the only games I see an issue there might be Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Hopefully Nintendo could work out some licensing with Rare/MS in order to get those games on there as they are iconic to the N64 library.

darthv7229d ago

Price doesnt bother me but if I want to play these games in higher res and cleaner textures, I'll just fire up my win98 PC with Bleem on it and go from there.

This is strictly for the novelty of it being small and cute and filled with 20 games that Sony has selected to be the ones to best represent the PS1 generation. I'm not planning on using it much because I have a regular size PS1 and over 100 games for it.

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JBlaze22629d ago

the Issue I have about the PS classic is that it is $100 for 21 games, 2 game pads that is not dualshock, and no AC Adapters.The NeoGeo mini is expensive and not enough games to warrant the price.

AizenSosuke30d ago

tbf, this price makes sense,

DarXyde29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


Price is fair, but the lack of a USB option is nonsense. The opportunity to play some great classics sounds great. Final Fantasy VII alone is a huge time sink.

My real issue is Sony's constant efforts to monetize backwards compatibility:

To play PS3 games, get PS Now.

To play PS2 games, get them on PSN.

To play PSOne, get PSOne classic.

.... despite protest that it is not worth offering through emulation since it is underutilized. And in all three cases, you have no control over software availability. It's a little insulting, and I say that conservatively.

2pacalypsenow29d ago

That’s $5 a game.

How is it a bad deal?

PhoenixUp29d ago

That’s especially a good deal when you remember that every friggen NES game costed $5 on Virtual Console and you didn’t hear much complaints about that. And a lot of those NES games were very basic titles you could be done with with in 30 mins-1 hour.

Fist4achin29d ago

Exactly, how much would it cost to pick these games up digitally through the ps store?

RosweeSon29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Varied final fantasy’s are about £8 all other PS1 PSN games that can be played on PS3/Vita are about £4 each unless there is a sale on.
Price isn’t terrible but it’s needs all the big guns on its list MGS1 Tony Hawks 1/2 Tomb raiders Kula world Resi 1/2

Also for some reason Tekken 3 has never been on the EU store so that’s pretty epic best of the series and all ;)

Teflon0229d ago

They only announced 5 games so far so I'd say relax for the moment. People really are trying to stop this from being successful when no one complained about the SNES lol nor nes. On psn, $6-$10 a game, on here it's $5 pretty much a game and some of the $10 games are on it as of now Ffvii. My only thing is I hope it's USB controls so I can have dual shock games on it and use a dual shock 3 or 4 for those games

rainslacker28d ago

Assuming they're not on sale, they typically go between $3-15. But $5.99 is one of the most common prices one sees.


Its less than $5 a game, why arent people accounting for the hardware and controllers?

PhoenixUp29d ago

For $100 I could get a PSTV and just play the various PS1 games I bought on PSN on it.

However even that’d be pointless since I already have a PS3 that does that in addition to physical PS1 games.

In fact I still find it appalling that PS4 can’t naturally play PS1 games like PS2, PSP, PS3, Vita and even the Xperia Play(aka the PlayStation Phone) can.

fonger0829d ago

Amen. While I’m down for this PS1 for collector purposes, it blows my mind they don’t have any PS1 games to buy/redownload on the PS4. I have to imagine theres a reason for it, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is.

bouzebbal29d ago

you don't seem to get that it's about the console's design.
why buy a NES classic with that freeky square controller that damages your fingers cause you need to bend them 90° to be able to hold it properly? well simply nostalgia thing.. you don't see the point in PS1 mini well i can tell you many do.

Elda29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Most of the PS1 games on the PSTV & the PS3 are not in HD & they look horrible displayed on a HDTV something Sony should have fixed,though they look ok on the Vita.These games on the PS mini will look clearer because they will be displayed in hd like the SNES & NES mini.

Profchaos29d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they work their magic to upscale them. Like ps2 on ps4 games like vice city look quite good up scaled to 1080 but when I play it on the same TV via my ps2 it's horrible ps3 also didn't pull off the upscale very well

Elda29d ago

I like the fact about this & the mini SNES is though the games are not remastered the games are in HD some of the classic PS1 games on the PS3 like FFVIII looks horrible because it's not in HD.

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