The PlayStation Classic Only Serves To Remind Us Of Something Xbox Does Way Better

Sony is coming out with the PlayStation Classic, but the only one doing retro games and backward compatibility right is Microsoft's Xbox One.

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littletad32d ago

They made a lot of dumb decisions this generation, mostly before Spencer. But the two things I think they've done right are their backwards compatibility stance and cloud saves. I still couldn't believe I was playing Panzer Dragoon Orta the other day on the x with udpated graphics. It was a surreal treat, and best of all free, given that I still had my copy. And even without a gold membership, every game save is automatically uploaded to the cloud. They've been doing that since the 360. Which is why if you own a 360 digital game and it shows up on the download list once it's compatible, you can pick up where you left off in your last game save, so long as you were connected to Live the last time you played it.

Kribwalker32d ago

Xbox BC is an amazing feature. Not charging you $100 to play 20 old games with no way of getting more, instead choosing to allow you to download updated games for free, like you said, ones you could just continue playing from where you left off, is an amazing feature that all 3 companies should support.

trouble_bubble32d ago

Xbox doesn’t even have 20 year old games. Nothing worth re-playing before the 360. If they did, they could talk.

darthv7232d ago

@trouble, krib said "20 old games" (as in those on the ps1 classic) not 20 year old games.

RIF: reading is fundamental.

And yes there are lots of og classic xbox games still worth playing like stubbs the zombie, outrun 2, gun valkyrie, quantum redshift, bloodwake, crimson skies, mech assault, ninja gaiden black. The list goes on.

trouble_bubble32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Did Xbox exist 20 years ago? NO! Yeah reading IS fundamental LMFAO! I’m not quoting him. Show me the quotations!

Listen younglings, I’m saying they don’t have games or a legacy OLD ENOUGH to WARRANT a classic mini of their own. PS1 is from what, mid 90’s? Xbox’s prime is 10 years ago. Too soon. All the games you listed there? GWG at best.

darthv7232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

well it is 17 years old so it is still closer to 20 than nothing. And PS1 came out in JP in 94 and rotw in 95 so you are still wrong in your assessment.

nice edit there trouble. didnt want to get into anymore trouble i see.... ;)

trouble_bubble32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

No I’m not wrong. You are, thinking I quoted kribwalker and going all “reading is fundamental.” Own it

EDIT: I edited out a couple exclamation marks because it looked too dramatic and changed the ps1 release date guess from 97/98 to mid 90’s since i forgot. It CHANGES NOTHING ABOUT WHAT I SAID! I also moved a quotation mark. You grammar policing hard today eh?

rainslacker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

And it'll only cost you between $250-500, plus the cost of games assuming you don't actually have the original games to begin with.

The mini's are a different product meant for a different market.

Anyone who really cares about playing these games with so much regularity would not rely on these mini consoles to play the games. No retro gamer that relied on the NES mini or SNES mini to play their old games. Any collector isn't going to bother with them outside the collectible nature of the systems. The systems were just missing too many key titles to make it suitable for someone serious about retro gaming.

Its great that MS has BC, but lets not conflate the two different products as being similar or for the same market.

AspiringProGenji32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

''Not charging you $100 to play 20 old games with no way of getting more''

But charging $100 more for Kinect, $400 for HDR, and/or $500 for an upgrade was so cool, wasn't it @krib?

81BX32d ago

Trouble bubble.
You're wrong. Deal with it and move on buddy.

chiefJohn11731d ago

Whos paying $400 soley for hdr? Lol spin it till you win it huh?

Kribwalker31d ago


I don’t understand what that has to do with playing old games, But Sure.
Spending $500 for an upgraded system that’s miles ahead (an entire ps4 worth of extra GPU power) of the competition that charges $400 is definitely great, if you are into 4k, like I am 😉

Some people didn’t want a kinect and i’m happy that MS gave those people the option to purchase the system without it, for $100 less. It was great for when i bought one for my bedroom where i wouldn’t use a kinect.

HDR is a nice addition to base PS4s. They were smart putting in a upgradeable HDMi port. MS didn’t think of that.

I don’t understand why you’re getting so defensive over MS being pro-consumer with their BC while sony hasn’t been.

It reminds me of this

MasterCornholio31d ago

“Some people didn’t want a kinect and i’m happy that MS gave those people the option to purchase the system without it, for $100 less. It was great for when i bought one for my bedroom where i wouldn’t use a kinect. “

To be fair an SKU without Kinect wasn’t available at launch if I’m not mistaken.

There was even a time where Kinect was mandatory for the X1 to function. But Microsoft changed a lot of things after the initial backlash.

TekoIie31d ago

Wow at the agrees on trouble_bubble. You all have issues reading? N4G should make it possible for us to see who's liking and disliking so we can see the fanboys lol.

AspiringProGenji31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It is not being defensive, it is just how you are comparing the Mini Ps1 to Xbox BC when that is not what is made for. “Not charging you $100 to play $20 old games” really?

agent453231d ago

Why are you getting 74 dislikes????

gravedigger31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Xbone didn't exist 20 years ago, Xbone fan! Btw. it's not free on Xbone i you don't own a game. You need to buy a game first and foremost. It's not TOTALLY FREE! Did you screamed the same when Nintendo released their own NES and SNES Classic? Of course you didn't. This product is FOR NOSTALGIC purpose.

trouble_bubble31d ago

What part of what I said are you still having trouble with a day later? The rif irony. But yes get that “fanboy” dig in there on the community. Feel the dark side flow through you. Good! Goooood!


All the Sony fanboys are drooling over such a useless mini console when all Sony is doing is just sucking more money from their pockets.

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hulk_bash198732d ago

If Mircosoft has done anything right this gen, it's the Xbox One X and their support for backwards compatibility. If they continue this trend and take full advantage of the studios they've acquired, I can see their next gen system being as successful as the 360/better.

sammarshall10231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Backwards compatibility is definitely a feature that Microsoft excels in and I'm looking forward to their new games next generation

I wish they never tried with the always-online and forced Kinect it caused a lot of damage to the Xbox brand

RizBiz31d ago

@sam I'd argue M$'s complete disregard for quality first-party titles has hurt the XBox brand a lot more than Kinect did. Bundling with Kinect lost them maybe half-a-million sales at launch. Not supporting their system at all this entire gen has lost them over 40 million.

Exvalos31d ago

Xbox one x is the biggest waste of time and resources I've ever seen, all that power and 0 games to justify its existence.

hulk_bash198731d ago

To say that 0 games take advantage of the X is delusional. As I stated in my comment, there are few first party exclusive titles that do push the X. But it is the decisive winner when it comes to the best looking and performing console multiplatform games.

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FBNS31d ago

Because x box doesn't have anything new worth playing!! Ps2 and original PS3 were backwards compatible... People honestly didn't really care after the first year because there was lots of new games worth playing. The fact that this is the arguing point for the "most powerful console evar!!!" Is sad as hell

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darthv7232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

"...the only one doing retro games and backward compatibility right is Microsoft's Xbox One."

That's because MS aint pushing out the bulk of new games until next gen.

Atticus_finch31d ago

You'll be lucky to get another Forza and gears.

xX-oldboy-Xx31d ago

I wouldn't count on 'bulk' new games coming from MS, it ain't their style.

RizBiz31d ago

I highly doubt next gen will be any different.