Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games: Today we’re excited to announce Red Dead Online, a new online connected experience set against the backdrop of Red Dead Redemption 2's enormous open world.

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sander970230d ago

Seems like they really put a big focus on singleplayer this time around if the online will only be in beta when it comes out in November, this is looking more and more promising.

ScarzFX30d ago

Orr theyre gonna go the fortnite route and keep it in beta so they can update it regularly.

rdgneoz329d ago

Warframe has been in like perpetual beta, and many free to play games do the same. With constant updates (which cause bugs), it's easier than having someone complain about releasing a buggy product when the tag says beta.

staticall29d ago

Wait, didn't they release GTA V online after release of the singleplayer? Like almost a month or two later? It didn't help with additional singleplayer content.

BiggerBoss29d ago

To be fair though, GTA 5 had tons of Singleplayer content to start with.

thorstein29d ago

That's exactly what they did.

And I remember people complaining about the Online which is actually free considering that the game was announced without it and launched without it. (Note: After announcement of GTAV, the Online portion was announced. Since I (and many people) already preordered it (because Rockstar) online was a freebie.)

Moe-Gunz29d ago

Or they're releasing the single player and after reviews are done they'll slide out the MP with microtransactions riddled in it.

ChickenMan3429d ago

they literally did the same exact thing for gta 5 this is nothing new for rockstar its the same exact thing they did for gta

porkChop29d ago

They did this with GTA V. They release them separate and brand them as different games so the online doesn't affect the reviews.

ocelot0728d ago

GTA Online launched as a beta like a month after the game released I think. We all know how that turned out. No single player DLC but tons of MT crap for the online mode.

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zsquaresoff29d ago

Release more details about the single player aspect of the game. Where is trailer 2?

EmperorDalek29d ago

Why? RDR had great multiplayer.

smolinsk29d ago

Agreed, red dead redemption 1 had a much better multiplayer then gta 5, much more relaxed, cozy and fun

KyRo29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

The first RDR online was great for a short while as much as found the world bland (which is understandable being the time period it's set in) but I loved GTA4s multiplayer which was very much like RDRs.

After the way GTAO was handled I'm very sceptical. I missed the simplicity of the old Rockstar Multiplayer games. Free roam then TDM, CTB etc. It was just streamlined. No MTs, no P2W just work your rank up. And don't forget the absolute terrible load times on GTAO. Find a game, loading, enter lobby waiting to fill, fills lobby, loading, place bets, waits for people to place bets, loads game.... its just way to much much time to get anything done online IMO

ziggurcat29d ago

Yes, but if they turned it into GTA, then "had great multiplayer" would be the operative term.

Concertoine29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Red dead was one of my favorite online games. I prestiged all 4 times (legitimately unlike most) and got a bunch of gold guns. Could outgun any high power pistol with my schofield! Always rode the albino buffalo which wasnt the best mount but it was my favorite. Anyone that played it knows both versions got hacked beyond repair :/ i would probably still be playing it some if it hadnt.

The simple, level based progression im sure will be replaced by microtransaction fueled crap. But i’ll hold out hope ♥️...

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chris23529d ago

suddenly this games looks interesting. i mean, minus the still ultraboring setting.

Stalmaster29d ago

What are you talking about? If you're not interesting in the setting, just play GTA Online.

yoshatabi29d ago

That's funny. I find this setting more interesting. I find the GTA type settings boring. Because we live in those settings! Really nothing new you see. But none of us live during RDR 2 times

RememberThe35729d ago

I bet you listen to mumble rap and think 2pac is boring.

TheGamingEffect28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

you beat me to it... Haaha!! These young cats be having me dying.

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