THQ Nordic Adds Alone in the Dark to its Stable of Franchises

THQ Nordic has announced the acquisition of another classic gaming IP in the form of the seminal survival horror franchise Alone in the Dark.

gangsta_red2079d ago

Wow, THQ Nordic is going ham. It would be nice to see this franchise come back strong after hitting rock bottom with their last couple of outings.

attilayavuzer2079d ago

Oh god that inventory system...

PhoenixUp2079d ago

Who was asking for another Alone in the Dark

thatguyhayat2079d ago

I was too. These guys are going on a buying spree. First kingdom of amalur now this? These guys will be one of my fav publishers

-Foxtrot2079d ago


This has the potential to be a great survival horror franchise. The music in the last Alone in the Dark was fantastic.



Neonridr2079d ago

I loved the music back in the old Alone in the Dark games too.

gangsta_red2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

They should bring Christian Slater and Tara Ried back for the reboot. Really bring some credibility and class to this series.

Neonridr2079d ago

I loved the first 3. Remaster the original trilogy and give it to me :P

fluxmulder2079d ago

One day this franchise will rise from the ashes and take back the survival horror throne... one day.

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Steam Account Transfer Via Will on Death is Not Permitted, Valve Confirms

In case you were curious, a Steam account transfer via will is not permitted according to an official response from Valve.

anast1d 17h ago

The games are theirs. People just pay to ride the ride.

Skuletor1d ago

Would be nice if the article's writer looked into and reported whether other digital game libraries could be transferred over via will (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, EGS, EA app, GOG, Ubisoft Connect, Rockstar Launcher etc) instead of this half-baked piece but it's probably the same for all of them anyway