Continue the Story of Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War on PlayStation VR Today

The sequel has only been announced for Sony's VR headset.

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Rangerman120831d ago

Is better than the first game but it's still not great.

Garrett_the_GOD31d ago

Are these games worth buying or should I pass?..I'm looking forward to Creed:Rise to Glory..also think Evasion looks pretty promising...I've been playing the hell out of Firewall Zero Hour

Rangerman120831d ago

Get both games at a sale. The first game is 80% tech demo and 20% game. It tries to offer some new ideas but it failed to leave an impact. The sequel feels a bit more like game a but I would still recommend it at a price. Story is just as convoluted, characters are just as forgettable, soundtrack is okay but just sounds like generic "epic trailer music", and while some of the shootouts were fun (like the bosses), some were boring and tame in the first few levels. There's a score system but there's barely any reason why you should bother with it since it not like there's actual rewards for achieving high scores.