PlayStation Classic Will Sell Bucketloads But It Should Have Been Better

From PlayStation Universe: "With it’s cute form factor and neat selection of games, there’s little doubt that when NES Classic Mini went on sale in late 2016 neither Nintendo, nor anyone else for that matter, could have gauged just how much of success it would be. As such, the nearly four million units sold to date must have come as quite the pleasant surprise for the Kyoto based platform holder."

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-Foxtrot31d ago

The fact they haven't stated straight away what the other games are is worrying as I feel like the 5 shown are the best they have to offer. Obviously I hope that's not the case but why hold back what the games are, I feel like there should have been at least 30 games on here.

All the Tomb Raider games
All the Resident Evil games
All the Final Fantasy games
All the Crash and Spyro games

Then you could have things like Sheep, Dog n Wolf, Bugs Bunny Lost in Time, Bugs and Taz Time Busters Looney Tunes wise. I just hope it's better when they announce the rest of the games.

Do people think it'll be possible to include your own ROMs for this? I'm sure I saw people add more games for the NES/SNES

darthv7231d ago

It doesnt have to be all of them in a series, it can be one from each that is most defining.

As for adding others. I thought I saw an expansion port on the back like for use with those AR/goldfinger devices. The usb port for power seems like that will be the point of entry into the system to add more (like the nes/snes).

I'd love to see a mini USB hub that looks like the multi-tap adapter as well as DS controller at some point. But then again i have a PS controller to USB converter so maybe that works too.

-Foxtrot31d ago

Yeah but I mean if you paid a lot of money for this and it included Resident Evil 2 for example then you're going to be like "Where's 1 and 3?" just seems strange to have one of them but none of the others.

it's not a "oh well it's fine they'll come onto the console soon" as that's it, what you pay is what you get.

Eonjay31d ago


Sony doesn't hold the licenses to anything you posted, so if you think they would licenses all of those games and you could get it for $99.99, I don't even know where to start with you lol.

-Foxtrot31d ago


"Sony doesn't hold the licenses to anything you posted,"

Yet FFVII is listed...they managed to get that on no problem.

darthv7231d ago

@fox, considering it is SE that is getting paid for it, they are throwing that one around to all sorts of platforms now. Switch, xbo, PS1 mini... it makes sense.

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Relientk7731d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It could have had 30 games or more easily. There are so many great games on PS1. There's gonna be a lot of great games missing from this and that sucks.

RpgSama31d ago

There are SO many amazing games on ps1 that they could just release a ps1 classic per Genre, I would buy the RPG Edition in a second, only on Square games it's worth it, there so many amazing RPGS on the ps1 it's crazy to think about it.

Araragifeels 31d ago

All those can't be in the PS1 classic since this PS1 controller doesn't have analog stick and most of this game will be uncomfortable just playing with the d pad.

firelogic31d ago

Why is it ok for the SNES Classic to have 21 games but 20 PS1 games is way too little? Also, we don't even know what the other 15 titles are. How can you say it's not good enough at this point?

As to why they haven't announced them, it's probably due to last minute licensing issues that need to be cleared up for each region. It's not like they want you to slap down $100 right now and they'll slow-feed you the other 15 mystery games. You'll know the list before it's out. Decide then.

gangsta_red31d ago

"Do people think it'll be possible to include your own ROMs for this? I'm sure I saw people add more games for the NES/SNES"

You can add more games to NES/SNES and I am hoping you can do the same for this as easy as you could for the Nintendo minis. PS1 has a lot of obscure good games that I am sure Sony won't put on this system.

Neonridr31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

really comes down to the internal storage size of this thing. The NES classic gave you enough internal space that I was able to hack it and add every single North American NES game on it (just over 700). However with the SNES, I believe they gave us the same internal storage size, so the number of games I could add to the SNES was only about 150).

Each PS1 game is going to weigh in around 500MB or so (650MB was a standard CD size back then). So 20 games x 500 MB = 10GB. So if they give us say 16GB of internal storage, we might have some space to add a few more games, but I wouldn't expect to be able to add a lot unless either the games are compressed, they give us more storage than we need, or we have the ability to hook up a USB drive into the back which we can play games off of.

instantstupor31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I get where you're going, but Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 are $10 a pop for the classic versions. $16 for FFVII if you want the version you can play on PS4. That's an MSRP value of $30-40 right there, and that's just for the FFs available on PlayStation. Then you have to include hardware costs, so between that and the Final Fantasy's, you'd be looking at over half the "budget" right there, so to speak. For non-RPG fans, this would be a huge value killer. For people like me? I'd be all for it lol

I think in terms of including your own ROMs like NES/SNES classics, the issue will be with flash memory size. I'm sure some industrious types will get it to work, but how much space will Sony include on console? Final Fantasy VII is 1.32 GBs alone for the unaltered version, and up to 4.3 GBs for the PS4 version (going by the PSN listings). A lot of the games from the PS1 era are in that 300-700mb range. If they make the flash storage fit neatly with the amount of space they need for the games, I'm thinking it'll be tough to add more - unless there'll be an easy way to increase storage which doesn't seem likely. With NES/SNES titles, they were so small that even the smallest flash storage size Nintendo could put in there would still leave oodles of space to put basically whatever you want on there.

notachance31d ago

there have to be at least Suikoden 2, MGS, and one of Resident Evil in there

LoveSpuds31d ago

Alternatively, perhaps they can maintain interest by drip feeding other exciting titles every month or so in the run up to release rather than announcing all the news now.

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locomorales31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It's a relly stupid comparision. People who bought NeoGeo Mini, Atari Classic, Nes/Snes Mini didn't do that because they can't play those games on their current console.

They bought because they want the look, the controller and the nostalgia bomb. Wii U had NES have SNES games, but the owners were crazy to buy replicas from the childhood console.

SegaGamer31d ago

I don't know why you are getting downvotes, it's true.

I don't get the appeal of these mini classic consoles. 1) They are overpriced 2) The selection of games are limited 3) They are space fillers. Why would anybody want so many wires sticking out everywhere? 4) If they are so amazing, why didn't they just keep their old games and consoles to begin with? 5) Emulators destroy these things in every single way.

AspiringProGenji31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Shhhh let people enjoy things *taps on shoulder*

PhoenixUp31d ago

What’d be even better than this is if Sony added PS1 Classics to PS4

Skankinruby31d ago

Currently going through FF9 on ps4...

neutralgamer199231d ago

How about they give us the ability to download more games? Something Nintendo has refused

Eonjay31d ago

But people figured out how to do it on SNES so Nintendo went after rom sites.

cwhit12231d ago

Aren't some of these pre-loaded games available as rematers on PS store an on PS now?

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