1UP: Fable 2 Review

Most Western-developed role-playing games tend to follow an exhaustively mathematical, under-the-hood dice-rolling formula. This approach has left behind a trail of infinitely deep, intricately detail-oriented, but perhaps not so immediately enjoyable, games that garner critical accolades from the hardcore but leave the less-committed scratching their heads (see: Baldur's Gate, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion).

Fable 2 is that rare Western-developed RPG that manages to innovate while remaining immediately playable to nearly anyone who picks up the controller. It's a game of choice, as established by its risk-taking but somewhat flawed predecessor, and this focus expands in the world of Fable 2 -- not only can you take the path of good or evil, but you can also choose someplace in between. How Fable 2 accommodates these decisions is found in the open-yet-focused world of Albion, a setting for people who like freedom -- in moderation.

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u got owned3648d ago

Another great review for a great game...

game on.

Master Debater3647d ago

This game is so great, they nailed the review. The menus and the load times are the my biggest gripes but they are nothing compared to the joy I get from playing this game.

Funny how when Fable II gets an exceptional score on a review, it's not as hot as news as Fable II gets a 8.5 or something.

I was about to submit this review until I searched it.

^_^3648d ago

||not A+ so it means it is not perfect and has too many problems||

ReTarDedFisHy3646d ago

Apparently Fable II scored higher than MGS4.