5 Times Sony Shamelessly Copied Nintendo

by Damien McFerran:
"Today, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic, a micro-console which comes pre-loaded with 20 games, is bundled with two full-size replica controllers, connects to your TV via HDMI and is powered by a humble USB lead. Sound familiar? Of course it does, because it's blatantly inspired by the NES and SNES Classic Editions. Even the imagery used to promote the new console – a hand holding the system aloft – is eerily similar to that used by Nintendo when it confirmed its own 'mini' machines."

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greenmiker59d ago

They forgot to mention Crash Team Racing.

Eonjay59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Everyone copies each other. But its Sony here so prepare to pepper on some extra hate. Where is the hate article for Mega Drive mini or Atari or the others that did this before Nintendo? You know because Nintendo shamelessly copied them... but its Nintendo so Free Pass lol!

Geobros59d ago

Yeap you are right, they had to right an article about Sega too.

darthv7259d ago (Edited 59d ago )

The Nintendo one is made by Nintendo and full of Nintendo games so there is the free pass. All the previous ones were generally made by a 3rd party like Jakks Pacific. Their emulation isnt all that great despite being able to use licensed titles and some even have unlicensed titles as well.

naruga59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

PLaystation Battle Royal was the worst thing (everything else DOESNT count as copy as probably Ninty stole first, they just implemented it first for market (move-Wii , analog etcetc)...and as is not enough was a bad game, that not at all represented legendary PS library (no Crash , No Snake , No Cloud WTF??)...this was not only a bad idea from Sony but it was terribly executed too, (with lame Ninty exploiting the masterpiees from PS1 and stealing the characters ) .....

Aceman1859d ago

Stupid articles like this is the reason why I don't give "gaming media" any weight or creditability. This shitty site acting like Nintendo has some kind of patent of creating classic mini versions of old consoles.

S2Killinit59d ago

Or maybe making mini consoles is the industry trend. Is there anything wrong with Sony utilizing its own heritage as Nintendo has theirs? Weired title.

Gr8saiyaman8858d ago

Except Sony's ripoffs are usually super cringe. I mean, PlayStation All-Stars? The Move? Even the worst of Sonyponies should be able to have fun with the mocking and not get all bootyhurt. ; )

Realms58d ago

Nintendo fanboys are the craziest this is another example that they take their fandom to the next level. Nintendo didn't come up with the idea of mini systems, if they had they would have patent it and no other company would be allowed to do this.

Uken1258d ago

@Eonjay Sony is copying Nintendo clearly because Nintendo's success from the Classic releases. It's even using the name "Classic". They are not doing it because Sega or Atari.
Also Nintendo is constantly hated on here, just look at your upvote/downvote ratio.
Also this article says it copied Sony with Online, Share, Cloud Saves and etc. No, that was Microsoft with Xbox. Xbox live had all the stuff PS+ has had.

That is one of the problems I have with Sony as a gaming company. They are more about profit. So they lack innovation when it comes to gaming and wait for other companies to try it. Some things they have done very well with the Online and Sharing capabilities.

And btw, Memory cards were a horrible time. Thank god Xbox had the Harddrive.

BTW I am not hating on Sony for "Copying" Nintendo on this. It's called free money for them. They would be stupid to not release on. Enjoy it and move on. But they are clearly doing it because of the Nintendo success. Hence why they released Move, PSP and the such. For profit.

GameBoyColor58d ago

free pass my ass, all I read whenever nintendo comes out with a classic console is hate on this site LOL

bouzebbal58d ago

A Nintendo fansite trying to outplay the king of gaming for the last 25years.
And for all ignorants out there, i invite you to watch this from 5:00 and tell me what prototype it is for since 2001.

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Last_Boss59d ago

Mario Kart Ripped off the Gravity wheels from Crash Nitro Kart, and the jump boosts from Crash Team Racing. It's a 2 way street.

Eonjay59d ago

Sony has to adhere to a standard that no one else is expected to follow. Nope, screw that bull.

Kribwalker59d ago

if you are talking about jumping and turning to create a boost while turning, that was in the OG MK

micdagoat1959d ago

I dont think starting a new Genre then having others do it is really terrible anyway. That's how everything starts. It depends if you actually improve on it and just rip it off terribly just to cash in

Last_Boss59d ago (Edited 59d ago )


I know, Sony is plain out of control with it. Like that new Little Big Yoshi game they have coming out.

No, Jump boosts where most definitely not in SMK. That wasn't until the Wii version

Regardless when you Take yourself away from what you didn't help create, you realize where you stand in all of it. Also very ashamed that people never give SEGA their dues.

DJK1NG_Gaming58d ago

Nope it got it from Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero & Excite Bike series. 200cc & Gravity is because of F-Zero

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badz14959d ago

I guess Nintendo just shamelessly copied the RetroPi.

SuperSonic9158d ago

Sega has released many classic Sega MegaDrives/Genesis years before the NES Classic.

darthv7258d ago

@sonic... uhh no, they didn't. If you mean those little Genesis plug and play units, those are made by Radica under license from Sega. Sega hasnt released their own plug and play as they have all been done by 3rd parties.

AT Games, Radica, Tec Toy, Majesco... none of them made by Sega themselves. they lend their name and license the games but every one has had some kind of poor emulation. IF Sega were to actually make one themselves then it may compete with the other 'classic' units because they would have more spot on emulation.

Prettygoodgamer58d ago


What kinda logic is that ? So because it wasn't made by sega or wasn't made by atari it can't be copying was still made it was still a thing no matter who made them, they were mini versions of consoles and that's what Sony and Nintendo ones are no matter who made them. Nintendo wasn't first and most often never are.

darthv7258d ago

@pretty, sonic specifically said Sega released when they did not. That is my point. Yes it matters in the context of things becauase anyone can get a license to release something with another name on it but in reality all the pros and cons of that item are on the one who is making it, not the name on it.

Case in point the neo geo X which failed was not a failure for SNK even though their name was on it. It was a failure for the company that made it which is Tommo.

At Games has been producing clones with Sega's name on it and while you may want to get mad at Sega for the poor quality, most everyone knows it is At Games is the ones to go after because they are the ones with the license to make them. Nintendo makes their own mini and Sony is doing the same regardless that neither of which probably designed the internals. They are still the ones making them just like At Games are the ones making the Genesis mini and Radica are the ones who made the previous mini plug and play genesis units with the built in controllers.

What Sonic should have said, and this would be in proper context, is the Sega has "lent its name" to many classic mini systems years before the NES classic. That way people understand that it may say sega on it but it is not a real sega product but a licensed product. Yes there is a difference.

SuperSonic9158d ago

You silly person
Sega or Ninttendo or Sony hire other companies/contractors to make their harsware not themselves.
Don't waste your time.

darthv7258d ago

@sonic... So you really think that if you have a problem with a radica or at games mini genesis you can call Sega for support???

Good luck with that. If you got a problem with an nes classic you can call nintendo. Thats the difference between official and licensed.

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shuvam0959d ago

None of them matters as much as the fact that Nintendo gave birth to Playstation...
Thanks a ton for that, Ninty...

stuckNhere4Good59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

That isn’t a fact, that’s a fairytale... Nintendo didn’t give 'birth' to PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi did; hence the title he holds -- ‘Father of the PlayStation’. He started work on it in 1986… after he saw System G in 1984…

Your ton of thanks should go to him for suffering the ‘labor pains’:

“I had a strong dream that the next level of entertainment would be 3-D and home-based, says Kutaragi. But 99% of the people couldn't understand my dream, including those at Sony.”

“The opposition discouraged Mr. Kutaragi. ''I was very sad,'' he said. ''But I had a strong passion, so I decided to create my own space to make my vision a reality, even if that meant leaving Sony.''

"The Hollywood Factor"… “There was also Kutaragi, who actively pushed to set up the Sony Computer Entertainment company, even threatening to leave Sony if the games unit was not created.”

SuperSonic9158d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Your comment holds no water

Do not live a life in constant denial.
Nintendo created the Play Staion.

milohighclub58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

@ supersonic just because they were gonna do a collab doesn't mean they created the PlayStation xD

It even says sony PlayStation on it.
Sony made the cd, the attachment, Nintendo were greedy and didn't want to share the pie.
So sony manufactured their own console.

Nintendo had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the PlayStation. If they did don't you think they'd be raking in royalties from it?

The_Sage58d ago

Okay shuvam... If you mean Nintendo screwed themselves by bringing dishonor to their name by backing out of an agreement with Sony by announcing at the CES that they were going with Phillips for their CD add on causing Sony to create the PlayStation brand, then sure... If you think betraying a partner causing them to create a rival brand that then kicks your ass is creating something. I personally don't...

Hardiman58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Absolutely and I thank god that partnership fell apart because Sony went onto create one of the greatest brands in gaming!

Nintendo announces plans to work with Phillips to create a CD-ROM unit compatible with the Phillips CD-i. Sony, disgusted, finishes work on a number of SNE games, scraps the old "PlayStation" developed for Nintendo, and sets its engineers to work on developing a 32-Bit CD only game machine to unseat Nintendo in Japan and in the United States. -EGM 102 The Complete History of Video Games , January, 1998.

stuckNhere4Good58d ago


I'm living in constant denial?... How so?... That 'SONY' 'Play Station' only exists because of Ken Kutaragi:

"Indeed, emboldened by his success, Kutaragi made another proposal to Nintendo in 1989: the two should work toward developing the first CD-ROM-based console. A year later, Nintendo agreed and the two were off to the races."

No matter which one you chose ('Play Station' or 'PlayStation'), it's the brainchild of Ken Kutaragi. Trying to argue otherwise is daft.

SuperSonic9158d ago


LoL Sony Corp didnt even know there was a Play Station being made back then as they were against it.
Guess who funded them prototypes?

The PSOne that launched after the betrayal was the one official funder by Sony Corp.

stuckNhere4Good58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


No, Sony Corp.'s management didn't know Ken was making the SPC700. Norio Ohga (then-CEO) was well aware of what Ken was doing with 'Play Station'. So was Olaf Olaffson... (then-president of SEP and the original owner of that 'SONY' 'Play Station' you linked to).

Who funded what isn't important. There wouldn't have been any prototypes to fund if Ken didn't take the initiative to approach someone or somebody at Nintendo with the idea of making a CD-ROM-based console in the first place; as Nintendo previously had no interest in having a hand in such a device until he proposed it.

True, 'Play Station' never made it to store shelves, but its concept did under a slightly revised moniker. Nintendo didn't make that possible. In fact, it did everything in it's power to make that an impossibility.

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Tear11158d ago

Just to be clear for those Nintendo fan boys

2004 sony announced for PS2 motion control.

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Neonridr59d ago

Nothing wrong with a Playstation Classic. Hell I hope we see a Dreamcast Classic too while we are at it. PS1 had some amazing games. I will gladly pick this up. Nothing wrong with taking a good idea and applying it yourself.

badz14959d ago

That would be pretty hard to do. The best PS2 emulator out there still requires lots of computational power unattainable from mobile processors.

rainslacker59d ago

I don't is making the actual system, they could just use the actual emotion engine without worrying about emulation. Not sure if its be cheaper to make though since I don't think they're being fabricated anymore, and Sony isn't likely sitting on tons of them in a warehouse somewhere.

sprinterboy59d ago

It's all gonna happen, milk the minis haha, gonna buy them though, they look so cute

BlackTar18759d ago

Ps2 mini with Socom 1& 2 and online enabled.

Imagine the amazinness

Prettygoodgamer58d ago


Its like when you put chip packets into the oven and shrink them into little mini packets, who doesn't love them.

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Artemidorus59d ago

Be great if they offered the online elements of a Dreamcast mini but I doubt people would provide the servers

solideagle59d ago

lol expect "5 Times Nintendo shamelessly copied Sony" soon :)

Uken1258d ago


I can't wait for N64 classic, Dreamcast Classic would be awesome too.

sinspirit58d ago

Nintendo and Sony should make a classic unit together based off the original designs they had before splitting. JK, but it would be a funny modded Classic console

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-Foxtrot59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Yes because Nintendo was the first to do Mini consoles

"PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale"

Lol. Smash Bros was inspired heavily by the Outfoxies, an arcade game.

Just because something is popular doesn't mean they did it first.

"Totaku Collection"

They do them for everyone, not just Sony and they have no compatibility with consoles unlike Amiibo's. Grasping for straws.

Sonic, Master Chief, Dark Souls

gangsta_red59d ago

Outfoxies? You're kind of reaching there.

All Stars is way more similar to Smash than Outfoxies is to either of those two.

-Foxtrot59d ago

The point is Nintendo took something and Smash wasn't the first of it's kind.

Course it's not going to look similar back then you are comparing an old school Arcade game to a N64 game. Outfoxies was 5 years behind Smash Bros.

letsa_go59d ago

Smash Bros always reminded me of Powerstone too

KickSpinFilter59d ago

Where the Hell is a new Powerstone come on Cap!

DarXyde58d ago

Power Stone came after Smash....

Obviously, Nintendo hasn't always had an idea first, but I think it's fair to say the timeliness of certain things inspires Sony to follow suit.

Technically, Sony created the first "Wii remote", but it was a concept. Only after seeing the success of Wii did Don't revive their patent with PS Move.

letsa_go58d ago

@DarXyde You are right! Apparently smash was released a month before powerstone in Japan. My bad!

gangsta_red59d ago

"The point is Nintendo took something and Smash wasn't the first of it's kind"

That's kind of flimsy there. Smash took the concept of Nintendo's mascots fighting it out. Gave them a specific set of controller movesets, a very unique type of damage and health bar which til this day I have no idea how it works and a stage design which is also different and unique more than Outfoxies.

The only thing similar between outfoxies and smash are there's multiple characters on screen.

All Stars bit everything from Smash, they exactly mirrored it's formula and success and just added very little/minor differences to try and separate themselves.

I understand your point of everyone copies everyone but to point at games that kind of have something similar is not the same as a blatent and true rip off.

SuperSonic9158d ago

PSASBR is a game born out of gamers suggestions and requests that are posted on PSBlog.

Not an idea that came from Sony themselves.

gangsta_red58d ago

Sooo...what does that have to do with All Stars being a rip off of Smash.

"Not an idea that came from Sony themselves."

I seriously doubt this.

rainslacker59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I think when it comes to psasbr, they made it because of smash bros.

I also think think they're doing this because of the success of the nes classic.

That being said, I would say this mini console isnt copying Nintendo, rather cashing in on a potentially profitable market.

Psasbr, is say was probably more of them copying, but does it really matter? It's not like either the mini console or a mash up fighting game is something so innovative that either company, or their fans, need to worry about bragging about who thought of it first.

SuperSonic9158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Amiibos are blatamt ripoffs of Skylanders .

Nothing on Nintendo hardware were not done before their design and manufacturing

andibandit58d ago

"Smash Bros was inspired heavily by the Outfoxies"

this game?

cause they look worlds apart

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CarlDechance59d ago

Wow. At the end of the article, they actually stepped up and listed times Nintendo copied Sony as well. That is pretty damn refreshing.

Doge59d ago

Yeah while saying Sony "inspired" Nintendo while Sony "shamelessly copied" Nintendo lmao.

CarlDechance59d ago

lol.....well, it is a Nintendo site. Got to keep the locals happy. :-)

S2Killinit59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

lol nice catch

gangsta_red59d ago

They definitely wanted to douse the incoming fanboy rage they knew they were going to receive.

CarlDechance59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

No idea why. Headlines like this are meant to generate rage....and the clicks that follow. No different than if this were a Xbox or PS fan site and neither would be the response.

Thepcz59d ago

Nintendo gives the consumer what Nintendo thinks the consumer wants.

sony gives the consumer what they ask for

Nintendo are specialists in one particular field, the masters of their art

sony stick their fingers in as many pies as possible

Nintendo are experimental and creative

sony only hop on a bandwagon once it has gathered considerable pace



Nintendo innovate

Sony imitate

xX-oldboy-Xx58d ago

So Sony releases new ips - Nintendo doesn't, Sony pushes the industry forward with tech allowing console devs creative freedom - Nintnedo sticks to cartridges. Got it.