SEGA Mega Drive Mini Delayed to 2019

SEGA has delayed the release of Mega Drive Mini to 2019. It was delayed to give SEGA enough time to have a simultaneous worldwide release in Europe, as well as North America for a Genesis Mini.

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PhoenixUp1898d ago

Don’t disappoint your fans

Fist4achin1898d ago

I was a sega man! Great memories there!

1898d ago
Segata1898d ago

Maybe they will dump Atgames. My god Atgames sucks at emulation.

Doge1898d ago

That's exactly why they're delaying it. They're going back to the drawing board and scrapping the deal with AtGames. Really hoping M2 works on the software end because their emulation is spectacular.

gangsta_red1898d ago

Yes! Thank you. Sega needs to over see this themselves.

franwex1898d ago

I would prefer a mini Saturn. I feel that the Genesis games are pretty widely available. There’s Genesis collections every gen.

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darthv7214h ago

I got both of the pockets. Pretty neat little handhelds. I much prefer the EXP, but given their size and the fact one of them has built in Taito games (the Capcom one has the same games as the EXP) I will say they are worth having. Relatively cheap and plays the majority of evercade carts... what's not to like?

Barlos14m ago

Have you also scored the new Duke carts? The I'm loving the remasters of Duke 1 and 2. Having never played them before I'm having a blast. Easily one of the best Evercade carts to date. Not a fan of the second Duke cart though. Those games have aged badly.


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