Bayonetta 3's Development "Going Very Well" PlatinumGames "Very Excited About What They're Doing"

While PlatinumGames is keeping Bayonetta 3 under wraps, the studio is very excited about what they're doing with the upcoming game for Switch,

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Geobros32d ago

I can't wait to play that baby!! I hope for a 2019 release please....

Concertoine32d ago

Well that would coincide with bayonetta 2 releasing 2 years after its teaser trailer


Loved Bayonetta 1 and 2. The sequel is overall the better game, but the final boss was a bit underwhelming compared to the other epic battles.

That last Jeanne boss battle in Bayonetta 1 is easily in my top 5 best boss battles of all time.

RedDevils32d ago

I'm in the middle of playing Beyonetta 1 lol

Gemmol32d ago

let me know how it is i never played the series before

Chexs199032d ago

It's over-the-top DmC with a badass female lead :D
And yes, I know how insane that sounds 'cause DmC is already wicked, but it's true ;)

SkY_dino_square32d ago

Its seriously one of the best damn action games you'll ever play. Thats all that needs to be said

Segata32d ago


Don't mention DmC and Bayonetta in the same sentence ever again. Bayonetta is the successor and improved upon DMC in combat. DmC is a trash fire.

Dabigsiebowski31d ago

@Seagata I don't think the devs would say that considering most of them were the ones who made DMC in the first place. I love Bayonetta but it could use a little more Pathing like DMC does instead of feeling on the rails the entire time. Love both IP's

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SkY_dino_square32d ago

well thats good to hear considering they havent shown anything yet. I hope we'll see babylons fall at tgs too

Abriael31d ago

I would be beyond surprised if that happened.

gamer780432d ago

Can't wait to play it but was still wishing maybe bayo3 would get a significant graphical upgrade at some point, unfortunately tied to Nintendo platforms it won't :(

ZeekQuattro32d ago

There is always that one guy throwing shade. Today its you. lol

gamer780432d ago

Lol correct, but in the world of n4g, it's usually its only one guy not throwing shade :)

Segata32d ago

There would not be a Bayonetta 2 or 3 without Nintendo. Sony nor MS wanted to fund them.

gamer780432d ago

Conjecture,still not disclosed what other publishers they shopped it to, but Nintendo was probably the biggest so they chose them

Segata31d ago

Not conjecture when Platinum said it many times themselves. Without Nintendo, there would not be a Bayonetta 2. You had 6 years to figure this out. Get it through your thick skull.

TekoIie31d ago

Platinum worded it though as if they had a choice between Nintendo and someone else but they felt Nintendo was the right publisher for them. Of course it worked out because Bayo2 was phenomenal but I don't know if Nintendo was a last resort for them like many say. Its likely the only company that would allow Bayo2 to become what we know it as was actually Nintendo.

gamer780431d ago (Edited 31d ago )

thats not really what they said, as Tekolie says they worded it in a way that left room for other possibilities, but they chose nintendo, not that nintendo was the only one who would have published. Additionally revealed that nintendo is what is holding bayo3 from a multi platform release.


"When we started making Bayonetta 2, we initially received funds from Sega to develop the game for multiple platforms, but the project was halted due to circumstances at Sega," he reveals. "Nintendo then stepped in to continue funding the game, allowing us to finish it. As such, the rights belong to Sega and Nintendo. The rights owners decided the game should be made for Wii U."

On Bayonetta 3, however, things were different. Instead of starting a project and then finding a solution to continue developing, Platinum, Sega and Nintendo decided start the project together. "It was decided from the start that the game was going to be developed using Nintendo's funding. Without their help, we wouldn't have been able to kick off this project.

"All of the rights still belong to Sega and Nintendo. The rights owners decided that the game should be made for Switch."

Kamiya also revealed that the only reason Bayonetta found its way to both PS3 and PC despite being developed on Xbox 360 at Platinum Games was that Sega went ahead and made it happen.

if just Sega had the rights to Bayo 3, you better believe that they'd be releasing it on all three platforms, but nintendo still holds partial publishing rights.