Looks Like PUBG Is Coming To PS4 Soon, But Is It Too Late?

A Korean ratings board suggests that the PS4 will be getting PUBG soon, but that ship might have sailed.

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Chexs199032d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The concept was fantastic and in the early access phase it was great. However, Bluehole is a mediocre developer and that led to sub-par product after launch.
I mean, they haven't gotten around to fixing the PC version yet, but are still releasing it on Xbox and soon Ps4, all the while "working" on the desert map.

I mean, come on man, finish your damn game on one platform, before releasing a half-finished port for the next one

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Everyone knows by now how awful the game looks and runs, which is why most people have moved on to other games like Fortnite.

UltraNova32d ago

I have no interest in paying for this indefinitely early access game. I will only bother with it if its free with PS+.

Chexs199032d ago

Same here :)
I do think it's sad though, since I like the aesthetics better in Pubg

UltraNova32d ago

Why? Bluehole should have known better than to avoid the biggest platform this gen.

Prettygoodgamer32d ago

I say meh, I didn't want it on my PC and I don't want it on my ps4, the genre alone I have no interest in.

BenRC0132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

No one cares. Make pubg 2.
Bought a one X with this game and it made me want to puke. Looks like a bad 360 game.

princejb13432d ago

lol first mistake you did was buying a one x, second mistake was getting the x for this mediocre game

BenRC0131d ago

Tell me about it! Hoping Forza h4 justifies the outlay lol

SolidGamerX32d ago

Yeah it sailed a long time ago when it went to xbox and nobody cared then.

ChickenMan3432d ago

way to late !!! i was wishing i cud play this back in july now i cud careless plus fortnite is way better and free and cod black out is what pubg wish it was so basically microsoft fucked themselves once again