Ken Levine Admits Bioshock's Final Boss was Bad

From GameWatcher: "Bioshock's very own Ken Levine has offered a rather curious apology recently in regard to the first game of the series. Namely, he's apologised for the game's final boss encounter - the spliced-up version of Atlas."

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joedom122d ago

Pretty sure that he's already admitted the final boss was the worst part of the game. In fact, the whole ending to Bioshock is a bit rubbish.

rainslacker122d ago

I dunno if it was rubbish, its just the whole atlus thing seemed a bit rushed after it was revealed who he was.

The boss himself was kind of disappointing compared to the rest of the game.

holysmokesbatman122d ago

I loved the final boos, I loved every moment of the game, in fact I'm playing through it again (for the 20th ish time) right now!

P_Bomb122d ago

Loved those games. Great DLCs too.

Crazyglues122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

"Namely, he's apologized for the game's final boss encounter" - Thank you, finally.... I always said that was the worst ending ever, really turned the game to a meh... for me, I just could not believe how bad it was... It really just left a bad taste in my mouth...

I hated that ending...

Smokehouse122d ago

I didn’t have a problem with it but it definitely didn’t match the same quality as the rest of the game. The first Bioshock is my GOAT.

Veneno121d ago

An industry changing game with glaring flaws is how I would describe it.

Smokehouse121d ago

The only part that I thought could be better was after the death of Ryan. It’s not that its necessarily bad but everything before that is flawless. I think that’s why it’s so glaring but I still liked it regardless. I think they should have kept Fontaine around for the sequel somehow, the “final boss” was unnecessary. Something like a race to the exit through a collapsing rapture would have been better. The rest of splicers running around and Fontaine talking crap the whole time.