Battlefield 5: Size isn't always everything

Size isn't always everything. However, many players have the feeling that Battlefield 5 is not doing very well in terms of maps. The decisive factor is the small number of maps that will be available when the game is released.

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Crazyglues33d ago

My guess is they waited until the end to do the maps, and when the Pre-order numbers fell way below expectations, they said, "well no need in doing those big maps we were planning, time to start downgraded, this sucka is going to be a dud...." -Budget probably got pulled back for a lot of stuff they were planning...

And this is why they wait until the last minute to start doing stuff, because if the game is not doing as well as you thought it would, you don't want to keep pouring money into it... They are in Full retreat... Abandon Ship Scott y'... LoL

cabbitwithscissors31d ago

Highly likely is that they kept a few maps out for micro-transactions or map packs to be purchased.

elazz31d ago

They have so many employs so I wonder what they did the last few years unless it's the same people going from star wars to Battlefield and then back yearly while having to support other projects and be supported for some things they're working on. Seems quite messy and counterproductive resulting in a smaller game than we'd expect after some really good mainline entries. Also they focused too much on politics instead of asking the question if the core of their game is being build properly.

XeyedGamer31d ago

It is if your a hardcore scank