The cyberpunk MMO game “Mankind Reborn” is to get blockchain-powered technologies

8 Circuit Studios — a development studio formed by industry veterans with over a century of combined experience at leading companies including Nintendo, Microsoft, and Capcom — today announced that developer Far Frontier Studios will be integrating 8 Circuit Studios’ blockchain-powered technologies into Far Frontier’s cyberpunk MMO - Mankind Reborn.

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blacktiger33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Nothing is interesting unless it is "decentralize blockchain" otherwise blockchain or not is nothing new. Cloud Server - Peer to Peer is nothing new. But "decentralize blockchain" is what bitcoin and that's the magic/revolutionary part.

These elite are trying hard for us to think blockchain is a just a thing now. NICE TRY!
Decentralize is the future! Fk democracy, a fraudulent system!

TheDriz33d ago

You are the only person on here who knows what they are talking about. We are now best friends. Sorry.