Sony Giving Out Free 3-Month Netflix Sub as Thank You for Being a Loyal PS Plus Subscriber in UK/EU

Pure PlayStation: If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber who also considers themselves loyal, it's worth having a quick look in your emails. Sony is sending out free 3-month Netflix subscriptions as a thank you for being a loyal PS Plus member.

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elazz28d ago

I doubt I'll receive anything :( I'm loyal ps plus subscriber but there might have been a hiatus of a few days since the launch of psplus

tablav28d ago

I just got it. Rather than giving you 3 months exactly, they give you the equivalent amount of credit for an HD sub(in Euros, even if you're in the UK). It worked out as £23.97. Paid for my UHD sub up until 11th December.

Whilst I have been a PS Plus subscriber for many years, there have been times when it's lapsed for a short while, so you might be okay. Good luck!

Zabatsu227d ago

I've been a PS plus subscriber ever since they implemented.
Never received jack shit.

Wintersun61628d ago

This is literally the first free thing we ever get over here. All those gifts I've read about over the years, have always been Can/US only. Quit your whining.

Ciporta198027d ago

Indeed despite the UK being a big gaming market for Sony we are skipped for almost every offer they ever do.

ocelot0727d ago

Come on now this is not the first free thing we got here in the UK from Sony. Remember about 7 years ago PS+ members where given a free gold PS3 statue for PS Home.

xHeavYx28d ago

In the US, if you have T-Mobile they pay for your Netflix subscription. Worth checking it out.

sparced27d ago

nothing for me, I have emails turned off from them.

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