First uncensored adult game on Steam pulled from sale in 28 countries

"The fact is, these restrictions are the downside of being the poster child for the first fully uncensored adult game on Steam," says developer Dharker Studios

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TedCruzsTaint27d ago

Those poor, foreign, virgins.

otakuapologist27d ago

Virginity used to be considered one of the highest virtues, a show of your capacity for sexual restraint. Thank progressives for creating a culture where the number of sexual partners defines your worth in the social hierarchy.

micdagoat1927d ago

thats true actually. Always trying to make everyone feel good about themselves has backfired in a number of ways

Eonjay27d ago

You can't blame progressives for sexual freedom and then blame them for censorship. Progressives can't be your explanation for everything. These games are created by people who want to make money, and blocked by people who think its inappropriate. Thats it.

Gh05t27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


"You can't blame progressives for sexual freedom and then blame them for censorship."

Yes you can... the word is called hypocrite, it exists for this very reason.

Also words like contradiction exist for this reason too. They say one thing and then later say and do another which flies in the face of the original viewpoint.

TedCruzsTaint27d ago

There's nothing wrong with banging until you find that person you want to bang forever. If you don't find them, well, keep banging.

Noclos27d ago

That how people lost identity, real values, dignity, so now being a whore is something to be proud about. Thats how now being bi and gay is acceptable and rights, thats how now people dare to tell they turned on by childs abuse and calling the rights for that.

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Casepb27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Hehe, you having the name Jesus and calling out virgins is pretty funny.

TedCruzsTaint27d ago

You just reminded me I've been meaning to change it.

annoyedgamer27d ago

If you look at the list, it isnt just islamic countries. Its a silent reminder just how puritan (and similar) westerners can be to religious fundamentalists when they feel like it.

Cobra95127d ago

It's not only puritanism. It's authoritarianism. Both the left and the right have their own control agendas, and they act like a pincer attack on deviations from their rigid norms.

bluefox75527d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Well, western Europe has had an influx of cultural enrichment in recent years, I'm sure they're just trying to accommodate the cultural sensibilities of their guests :)

dumahim27d ago

Seems like a misleading headline. They weren't pulled. They were never offered in those regions.

TomatoDragon27d ago

I'm just glad I'm seeing more and more of these type of articles getting hot. Hopefully we entering another new gaming age of adults being able adults.

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