PUBG Leaked For PS4

From PlayStation Universe: "According to a listing on the Korean Ratings Board, PUBG has been listed for a PS4 release."

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Relientk7733d ago

We know it's coming to PS4, just a matter of time.

uptownsoul33d ago

Without a strong player count this game is gonna die on PS4…

So, IMO, the smartest thing PUBG corp could do is…give a deep, DEEP discount to Sony, so that Sony can launch the game directly into PS+ (get that player count up dramatically)

dirkdady33d ago

Remember when square Enix in their infinite wisdom make Tom raider a timed exclusive? It bombed on PS4. You An be your bottom dollar that the same things going to happen.

JaguarEvolved33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

So it's coming to ps4 at a time where there'll be a lot more B.R. options that are A lot better.

UltraNova33d ago (Edited 33d ago )


If your definition of 'bombed" is to to sell even more units(ps4) than on the platform it was exclusivity released then you need to do fact checking asap.

As for PUGB on Ps4, its kinda too late, unless its free. Blackout seems to be the next big performer along with Fortinite.


Deep discount? $20 is too expensive? Doesn't matter, PS4 gamers have made it very apparent that they don't care about PUBG.

DEEHULK8833d ago

GUTZANDWHATEVERELSE You really think you speak for ps4 owners? You are one person and you only speak for yourself. I bet that there are a lot of ps4 owners(like me) who don't GiveaS about what you think. You opinion is relevant only to you, so stfu. Thanks

crazyCoconuts33d ago

Agreed - PS+ would make the game effectively free and might kick start the PS4 community. While i don't personally hold a grudge, i wonder if Sony would not even offer them that option given their allegiance to MS. Kinda mafioso-ish but some at Sony may see it as making an example of them.

ILive33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

@dirkdady Tomb raider actually sold better on the PS4 than Xbox 1 if that's what you mean. I'm just saying it did better. Not a console favor comment.

sizeofyou33d ago

Yes...too expensive...and if it comes out during the next 3 months, it will get swallowed up by other releases. All sorts of other options - and still doesn't look very stable (although far better than early release).

bluefox75533d ago

PS+ is the only thing that'll save this game, tbh.

kayoss33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I think Drik meant it bomb in regards to how much better sales could have been on the PS4 if it wasnt timed exclusive to the Xbox. By the time Tomb Raider was released on the PS4, most PS4 players have forgotten about it or got over it. Again, a lot of PS4 owner waited until the game was either in the bargain bin or on sale to purchase the game.
Tomb Raider, didnt bomb by any means. However, it could have done a lot better.

uptownsoul33d ago

@GUTZnPAPERCUTZ - "Deep discount? $20 is too expensive?" - You have no clue what I'm talking about...

Sony has to play 3rd party publishers to get games in PS+…PUBG can only survive on PS4 if a decent player count is maintained…If PUBG were to launch in PS+, the game would have a chance to start with a decent player count…

BUT Sony is not going to pay top dollar to get the game in PS+…but if PUBG Corp gave Sony a discount to launch the game in PS+…then Sony would market the game being in PS+ & PUBG Corp would start with a decent player count.

uptownsoul32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

@crazyCoconuts " i wonder if Sony would not even offer them that option given their allegiance to MS" -

I hear you, but thats where the DEEP discount from PUBG Corp would come in…IF you add a deep discount for Sony PLUS the fact that Sony could market this game as a way of getting more subscribers into PS+, maybe its a deal Sony could be interested in

Movefasta199332d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Really dude? Are you doubting this game will sell millions on ps4?You do realize outside n4g, PlayStation fans think differently, right? It will sell. Assuming it doesn't run like trash.

gangsta_red32d ago

There's gonna be a shortage of players for this game on PS4?

Sounds strange considering that every comment seems to say that PS4 has the higher install base.

Maybe they should add crossplay to boost this player count so it won't die. Would be better than a price cut.

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Segata32d ago

I don't follow PUBG closely but is it on a slow decline now? Fortnite is the king now and everything is jumping in this mode. Dying Light, CoD, indie games and more. CoD one looks like it will have a good following. Fornite being on literally everything released within the last 5-6 years can't beat likely.

Vizigoth0432d ago

@ dirkdady

According to vgchartz (if you got a better source, I'll bite):

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Xbox One = 1.58m
PS4 = 1.94m with an 11 month delay.

To me it just seems that in this case the timed exlusive deal was just a bit giant waste of time and money.

n4gamingm32d ago

Blackout looks good and it's my first cod game in years. Pubg is different if your a shroud fan he explains its pretty well the gun play in pubg is really good but that's the only thing they got. I'm hoping cod scares them enough to realize time to step it up.

Markusb3332d ago

It's a good idea. You won't shift people from other multiplayer games with a huge established player base

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Obscure_Observer33d ago


"Without a strong player count this game is gonna die on PS4…"

It´s gonna be very interesting to see if PS4 owners REALLY don´t care about PUBG as much as fanboys wants to believe.

Neonridr33d ago

yep.. it's garbage until they can get their hands on it.. then slowly the tides turn and the player count rises ;)

Silly gameAr33d ago


You just described every fanbase thats ever existed.

LiViNgLeGaCY33d ago

^^Exactly. But he ONLY craps on the PS4 fanboys.

uptownsoul32d ago

@Obscure_Observer "It´s gonna be very interesting to see if PS4 owners REALLY don´t care about PUBG as much as fanboys wants to believe." - Fanboy or not, ports of games don't tend to fare so well when so much time has lapsed. And when it comes to games like PUBG (and other games that revolve around an active player base), the lack of said player base could spell disaster.

@Neonridr & @Silly gameAr -

Hellblade was the perfect example to me…That game went from "Walking Sim" to "interesting game" to "one of the best games of the gen" (based almost entirely on the game & dev's relationship to a particular fanbase's platform)

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rainslacker32d ago

I think it'll do reasonably well. But I do think some of the hype has died down for the game, and obviously, Fortnite got a huge foothold right now which could make it hard to get those players since PUBG isn't free.

Exvalos32d ago

Nope the game is complete garbage but in all fairness I think fortnite is a hot steaming piece of casual garbage.

Markusb3332d ago

It's not a title I'm buying just better higher quality titles coming out that I would rather invest in

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I doubt anyone even cares much. We have Call of duty Black Ops 2 that’s about to come out.

Dirtnapstor32d ago

Too little too late PUBG. It’ll go the rout of Lawbreakers at this point. They should have cleaned up their game already and pulled it out of its beta state. Cannot foresee it being too successful on the PS4, especially when Blackout and Firestorm are just around the corner. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Red Dead had its own variation of a BR.

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KickSpinFilter33d ago

NO Kiddin. But I feel it might be too little too late with COD BO Blackout coming next month.

rdgneoz333d ago

That and Fornite has already filled the gap, along with H1Z1, for the battle royal style and for the low low price of FREE...

KickSpinFilter31d ago

Ya two of the three are going to get smashed.

Legatus33d ago

Isn't this big xbox console exclusive that green fanatics were bragging about. Noice, PS4 is getting another game to it's already huge library of games and that is always a good news for us PS4 owners.

DEEHULK8833d ago

You fanboye are some of the worse people ever in these comment sections. You make sony a lot of money and that where it ends. They don't know or care about what you think.

zackeroniii33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Sony doesn't know or care about what we think? Really?

So please answer this... do you agree that microsoft knows or cares about what you think? Cause from what most people see, we know for damn sure they don't.

What's your take?

xX-oldboy-Xx33d ago

And MS fanboys are angels? The boys in green have gloated about PUBG for the last year or so, comes full circle and now Sony fans are the worst? Cry me a river mate.

Legatus33d ago

"They don't know or care about what you think."

But you care enough to reply to me and it more than enough for me .

DEEHULK8833d ago (Edited 33d ago )

@Zack You are right THIS gen xbox messed up big time because they didn't listen, but what i said still stands.
@Xx-idiot-xx What???????

SuperSonic9132d ago

PS4 is the reigning champion so...

DEEHULK8832d ago

Supersonic91 The Reigning champ would be Wii because it won the last generation. This generation is not over but over because of the numbers and when the nextgeneration comes the ps4 would be the reigning champ because it won this gen.

Realms32d ago


Well that's karma for you many xbox fanboys went on and on about the exclusivity of PUBG only to get blindsided by Fortnite. There is a pattern here of developers choosing exclusivity with MS only to see their games lose popularity Titanfall, TR, and now PUBG I can guarantee that all of these games would have done better without the exclusivity deals they made with MS.

As for worst fanboys well that is debatable they all have their moments go back and read those articles written about PUBG and see the comment section, and tell me with a straight face that Sony fans are worst.

Atticus_finch29d ago

Deehulk Thanks for your paid beta testing. But Pubg still looks bad

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Neonridr33d ago

it was never a console exclusive. Just one of those console first games. You had to figure the game would come over eventually. Only way MS would have prevented that would have been to buy the company outright.

Legatus33d ago

"it was never a console exclusive. Just one of those console first games."

Yeah i know that, i was just poking green fanatics that were calling this game a xbox exclusive and celebrated it on the chart articles as it was MS property and now, after PUBG releases on the PS4, all those fanatics will suddenly stop doing that.

Neonridr33d ago

@Legatus - yes but on the other hand you will have a bunch of people who previously said the game sucked and nobody wants to play it suddenly finding themselves playing it and enjoying it. It will be a little ironic I guess.

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Unreal0132d ago

Me neither. If it plays anything like on Xbox I'm good thanks.