PlayStation Plus and PSN Improvements: New Survey Gauges Opinion

In a survey sent out this week, Sony is gauging the opinions of PS4 owners in two specific areas: PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Network (PSN). With rumors this week that Sony have something major planned for PS5, including the possible overhaul of the PSN, this is interesting timing.

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PhoenixUp33d ago

I forgot if this was asked, but when PS3 & Vita gets dropped from IGC in March 2019 does that mean PS4 will get 6 free games a month going forward?

Chocoburger33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Unfortunately the number of PS4 Plus games each month remains the same. :(

mkis00733d ago

But the quality of game may go up. Actually they have been better as of late.

THC CELL33d ago

Be nice to add playstation now with plus to replace vita and ps3 games

Araragifeels 33d ago

It would make sense adding PSNOW with PS+ because PS+ can't cost $60 a year with PSVITA and PS3 catalog gone from the line up. They either add 4 more extra PS4 games on the line up or PSNOW.

DarXyde33d ago

"They can't"? Interesting choice of words.

Are you sure about that?

Rachel_Alucard33d ago

They'll get away with it. They have no obligation to replace anything since they know it's customer base won't jump ship over it.

rainslacker33d ago

I'm pretty sure the price will remain the same.

At best, we may see higher profile PS4 games....but even that isn't a given.

XiNatsuDragnel33d ago

I'm excited to see this result coming to PS5.

ILostMyMind33d ago

Interesting, but there is no reason for a new survey if the previous survey request has not been met.

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