Here’s the first set of NES Games with a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription

Nintendo Switch Online is live and so are its benefits such as 20 amazing Nintendo Entertainment System classics for you to enjoy.

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Moonman29d ago

The NES application works very well. I tried out Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3. The controls using the Joy Con Grip felt surprisingly very good. I thought I would really need the NES wireless controllers but I might hold off buying them for now. Controls felt tight and responsive. The smaller buttons on the Joy-Cons and their close together position made running, holding items and using power-ups in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 comfortable with the grip. Graphics were clean and HD. The application is slick and well made. Not cheap at all. Great look and feel. Navigating through it is fast, saving your game is organized well and VERY fast to switch to any game at any time. So far so good in regards to NES software.

ZeroX987629d ago

I'm really hoping for some SNES and N64 games in a near future!

PhoenixUp29d ago

Still ticked this is what Nintendo thinks should replace and invalidate Virtual Console

ZeroX987629d ago

I know that licence fees for rental use VS actual sale is WAY cheaper, so I can see why Nintendo is trying that route.
That being said, having the option to buy some of those titles would've been nice.

The only possible advantage would be if we get more games released than on the virtual console, but as of right now, I would still consider the virtual console as the better option.

TekoIie29d ago

To be honest I'd rather a service that could give us VC as a rental service (GamePass style) compared to buying them on a system and then not having that purchase carry over to another console.

Geobros29d ago

I tried Ghouls N Ghosts and Balloon Fight. GNG is really really tough, not a good game to play if you are calm.

TheGamez10029d ago

Really hope they give us snes games at some point.