Let’s Talk About Daemon X Machina

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Since its unveiling at this year’s E3, Daemon X Machina has been shown off quite frequently by Nintendo. Whether it be from news updates, Nintendo Directs as well as other big game conventions, the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive has consistently been featured at every possible event. The bombastic, futuristic mech-shooter is something that isn’t usually a title most would expect to be on a Nintendo platform but is a welcome addition none the less. Throughout all the attention that Nintendo has given for Daemon X Machina, many have looked over what seems to be an A-class exclusive that should be talked about far more than it already has."

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ZeekQuattro28d ago

Already placed my preorder. I'm so ready for this game.

Segata28d ago

My most hyped 2019 game. Only DMC5 comes close. From some of the same talent as Armored Core. This looks like Armored Core meets Zone of the Enders. Switch is getting so many mecha games it's becoming a mecha heaven and that blows my mind for a modern system. Not seen this many mecha games in 3D since the PS1/Saturn era.